Stats Update 29th January 2015

Thursday 29th January 2015


The ‘static’ pages have been updated for:

1. Sites

This page records the campsites/aires/stopovers that we’ve stayed at since buying Twernt.

The ‘ratings’ that we’ve applied are obviously subjective and reflect our view of ‘perfection’ – analogously (for those familiar with Cornwall!), we are more ‘Praa Sands’ (pronounced ‘Pray’) folk than we are ‘Newquay’ folk – it’s probably an ‘age thing’! – we prefer peaceful stopovers in areas of natural beauty – plus clinical cleanliness in all aspects of a stopover site (to satisfy my OCD tendencies!).

Our favourite stopovers to date?

Broadway – Durdle Door – Biarritz – Portimao – Cabanas – Finca de la Piedra/Coin – Vera and Platja D’Almenara (a car park!) are our favourites to date.

All chosen based on location.

We would happily spend the winter at Platja D’Almenara – and that is a complete turn-around from the attitude that we had to ‘wilding’ when we first set-out as newbies last September!

Once back in the UK, we will be addressing the ‘fail’ issues that have prevented us from being able to ‘wild’ full-time (unless, of course, we decide to dump the MoHo route to wintering in favour of another solution!).

This will involve buying a generator to power the desktop PC and we also need to find an acceptable 24/7 WiFi solution.

The Platja Almenara car park is by the beach/promenade and ‘fronts’ a newly built urbanisation (that is maybe 5% occupied).

For ‘services’ – we ‘cycled-in’ water from a local children’s play area about 1km south of our parking.

A small but well-stocked supermarket is about the same distance away in the opposite direction.

Sewerage drains are in the centre of the new and largely unused road leading into the parking area. One of our fellow ‘residents’ (who is long-terming here) led a procession of be-gloved, peg-nosed, Thetford-carrying MoHo owners at 7:00pm each night for a ‘group-cleansing-session’ to banish ‘Arthur Bliss’ and ‘Brad Pitt’ – must get a drain puller (a 1 metre steel rod with a hook for the drain and a looped handle to ‘tug’ on).

The local police drove-by 2 or 3 times a day but they never stopped – nor had they in the last month or three according to our ‘in-residence’ German friend – he told us that they were too preoccupied dealing with terrorism in Madrid! How does that work between their drive-bys when Madrid is more than 200 miles away?

Of other stopover sites?

We grew to love the Spanish-ness of the Motril, El Varadero, Playa Granada and Salobrena areas. We are not impressed with the largest of the two campsites – Camping Playa de la Poniente – and although we enjoyed our 22 nights at Camping Playa Granada (34 nights in total but we spent 12 of those nights in a villa), the on-site trees can be ‘challenging’ and it’s only really suitable for MoHo’s that are shorter than Twernt.

Those trees are enough to put us off of re-visiting Camping Playa Granada.

There is a large ‘tolerated parking’ area at Salobrena, it’s a busy site; we preferred the less well known ‘Gratuito Parking’ area at Playa Granada (‘on’ the beach – unlike the Salobrena ‘aire’).

Using this as an overnight-park-up whilst day-parking at the large promenade car park (opposite the ‘official’ camping sites) is a good choice – water is available on the promenade.

All stopovers that we’ve stayed on will be re-visited and a new blog format will contain more details about each stopover.

2. Running Costs

We have spent a total of £4510.20 living full-time in Twernt from 16th May 2014 to 31st January 2015. That’s £17.35 per day or £121.45 per week or, extrapolating this history to a full year, £527.64 per month£6331.63 per annum.

These are our ‘baseline’ living costs and do not include food/meals out/clothing and any other personal expenditure. You can see what has been included by clicking on ‘RUNNING £’s’ on the blog page.

3. MPG Analysis

Now that the diesel filter housing has been replaced the MPG is back on track at around 22mpg.

The fuel ‘cost-per-mile’ is reducing and each gallon is now costing us 57% of the price per gallon that we paid in May 2014.

4. Live Map

The Live Map shows our current location near Peniscola in the Valencia region.

If everything ‘pans out’ here then we’ll probably stay here until it’s warm enough to mosey on up into France.

10 thoughts on “Stats Update 29th January 2015

  1. Hi guys, I loved the mental image you painted in my head of all the mohomers sneaking off to empty their cassettes at night!!
    We swung back from Gib to Guaro (just above Marbella) to visit family and then drove to what we thought was an sure from the description in the book but turned out to be a fab campsite with loads of facilities including an indoor pool and free activity sessions, great for the boys. Big discounts for stays over a month, so we’ve ditched Portugal for now in favour of warm weather and fab facilities for about 17 euros a day (6 of that is for the boys). Even better we’ve just found a hire car for 43 euros for the month! A fellow camper recognised us from your blog and came to say hi so you’ve helped us make friends here too! I hope you’re getting the sun too, lots of love, Beth xx


    • Hi all, those guys ’empty’ every night once it gets dark, the aim being to spend as little time as possible standing in the middle of the road – the drain ‘puller’ opens and closes the drain for each ‘team’ member whilst those waiting at the roadside look out for any traffic appearing – it’s well regimented and definitely ‘sneaky’ – better than the alternative though!
      Your new site sounds great. will wait to get the location from when you blog it! – I have tried many times to leave a comment on your blog but I always have problems with blogspot blogs and their software just seems to go into a loop and never post my comment. Weird.
      Can’t believe that €43/month, that’s a car, taxed and insured for only £400 a YEAR!!!!! Some pay that just for insurance!! It’s like having a free car without any breakdown or maintenance responsibility or cost! – Stay down there forever!
      Wow! Can’t believe that someone spotted you from the blog, it’s quite a large community of UK MoHo’ers that winter down here and great when you get a ‘connection’.
      Have fun down there and look out for Eric & Shazza, they’re just down the road in Estepona.
      Take care all and stay double+ safe. xx


    • Hi Paul & Jill,
      Have been ‘skyping’ with Eric & Shazza and they’re back on the road tomorrow, I can just picture that – Twernt towing BigMomma! I think that BigMomma’s cab might just end up in our bedroom!! Should have my new blog format out sometime this weekend – just my way of streamlining posts – we shall see – always reverted to lengthy write-ups before!
      Blighty does seem to be getting closer in our thoughts and Easter is the target home-date.
      We may just go ‘Lost in France’ on the return journey!
      Cheers now,
      Roy & Amanda xx


  2. Really enjoying your analysis of costs. It will be interesting to see what you decide to do re the future options. We take delivery of our new Adria on Valentines day and will be heading to Spain again maybe Torrox. If you are travelling up the west coast of France in April stop by for a cuppa and chat and, of course, free parking! We are just inland from La Rochelle.


    • Thanks John & Angie, not sure which return route we’ll take just yet but will email you if it’s the west coast and will definitely take you up on that, Cheers, Roy


  3. Hi noggin,
    Yes and we were those lucky campers at cabopino who spotted Beth and the boys as well as him indoors!! They have now moved higher up the site onto Brit ally still, shouldn’t tell tales out of school. They may have done a wise move as the legendary spaniards have descended onto the lower levels and are camped up much as in the western frontier days. You would think they owned the place! Peace will descend after the weekend. Get into Valencia it is a fabulous city, especially the Central Park .

    Cheers Ned


    • Ah! mystery solved, thanks Ned. they’re probably safer in the Brit section, wish there was one here – we just witnessed a very heated argument (French folk I do believe).
      One chappie, with his trailer and Smart car, has encroached onto his neighbours pitch in order to get some outdoor sitting space.
      The neighbour wasn’t happy, and, being French, sent his wife out to argue their case.
      Man, she was dynamite! She spoke/shouted 1,000 words to every word uttered by Mr. Now-Not-So-Smart-Car-Man.
      All quiet now though – I just had a peek out and the car/trailer have not been moved – Round Two will surely follow, just hope they leave it until daylight tomorrow!
      In the meantime I’ll Google some French expletives should I need to wade in there!
      We just did a quick stopover at Valencia, not a good site, so we moved up here to Peniscola the next morning – looking good here though!


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