Stats Update 9 January 2015

Friday 9th January 2015


Blog pages have now been updated for:


1. Sites

Records the campsites/aires that we have stayed over at since acquiring Twernt and gives OUR rating for each of our stop-overs based on the site and the location – we aren’t fans of staying on ‘car parks’ so aires are generally down-rated even though they may be in a top location. Having said that, some aires, like Albufeira and the current one that we’re on – Oasis Al Mar Camperstop, close to Vera Playa – are a cut above most aires and we would be haapy to use them for extended stays.

The massive invasion of mozzies at Honfleur caused a serious down-rating although in a great location. Our favourites to date have been Broadway, Durdle Door, Biarritz, Cabanas and Finca de la Piedra at Villafranco del Guadalhorce. All chosen based on location.

We grew to love the Spanish-ness of the Motril, El Varadero, Playa Granada and Salobrena areas. Not keen on the largest of the two campsites, Camping Playa de la Poniente and enjoyed our 22 nights at Camping Playa Granada (34 in all but we spent 12 nights in a villa), the trees on the Camping Playa Granada can be challenging and it’s really only suitable for MoHo’s that are a couple of metres shorter than Twernt. Those trees are enough to put us off of re-visiting Camping Playa Granada but it’s a good site for most. There is a large ‘tolerated parking’ area at Salobrena but it is busy and we preferred the similar, less well known area at Playa Granada (‘on’ the beach – unlike the Salobrena ‘aire’). Using that ‘aire’ and parking up during the day at the large promenade car park opposite the ‘official’ camping sites is a good choice. Water is available on the promenade as well.


2. Running Costs

– figures in parentheses are from last Stats update reported on 23rd November 2014 –

We have spent a total of £4262.93 (£3526.40) living full-time in Twernt from 16th May 2014 to 8th January 2015. That’s £17.91 (£18.46) per day or £125.38 (£129.22) per week or, extrapolating history to a full year, £543.31 (£561.49) per month£6519.77 (£6737.90) per annum.
All of this is based on our ‘baseline’ living costs and does not include food/meals out/clothing and any other personal expenditure. You can see what has been included though by clicking on ‘RUNNING £’s’ on the blog page.


3. MPG Analysis

No change – no fill-up since last Stats update!

Self explanatory really, it is worth mentioning that the MPG achieved on the last 2 fill-ups show a declining MPG achievement; this was due to a diesel leak from a kafuggered diesel filter housing – now fixed. I blame the atrocious Portuguese road surfaces which are ‘unkind’ to MoHo’s.
In fact, most Portuguese roads are like continuously driving on a cattle grid. Try doing that at 30 mph or more in a MoHo!

To get an email when we update the wordpress blog, you can, if you wish, put your email address in the ‘box’ on the right-side of the ‘Home’ page.


4. Live Map

The Live Map shows our current location close to Vera Playa, still in Andalucia (but only just!).

Murcia is just a few miles north of here and that is where is where we intend to be next week.

10 thoughts on “Stats Update 9 January 2015

    • 3 days without WiFi, no news, no emails, no blogging, no good – I have learnt that I don’t want to be without ‘Whiffy’. Got to catch up on some BM blogs now as well – Amanda has read them whilst I updated other stuff on here and I’m guessing that you’re avoiding bikers in future! Stay safe over there.


      • What’s that saying…….”A friend in need…………is a pain in the arse”

        There is a lot that is not in the blog, it will make for a good tale over a few wets !! Hey up, Derby got early match today !!


      • Thanks Eric – didn’t know it was an EKO – and we’re 1-0 up with 10 minutes to go!
        Will wait to get the real low-down on your Samaritan endeavours when we meet up next!
        We welcome the chance to do whatever we can to help Beth, Nathaniel, Alfie & Tom (A Major Break) who will be arriving here from Alicante in the next few hours.
        They were robbed of just about all of their Tech stuff and more – I can see that sun, sea, sand, dogs and children playing plus both dogs and children staying sober (just this once!) to act as guides back to our camping after we’ve shared some ‘falling over juices’ and done some name-calling of the robbers with Beth & Nathaniel.


  1. Hi Roy and Amanda! We are leaving the villa tomorrow and are heading for Vera. Can you recommend somewhere to stay? We’d love to meet up with you and the dogs if you’re still around. I’m having trouble viewing the blog on my tablet but you could email us at Would be great to see you, Beth (and Nathanial, Alfie and Tom)


  2. we are at £33 per day. but we do include food, clothes, coffee out – every penny from the bank since we left is in ours. Everyone does it differently but its really interesting to read how others break it down and what it costs. thanks for sharing the information


    • It is interesting – our other costs vary from €60 a week to €140 a week but the latter has been only about 4 or 5 weeks of ‘excess’. I would guess at an average of €80 a week tops or £9.16 a day making our daily figure somewhere around £27/day. I therefore conclude that you’re consuming about 6 bottles of vino a day more than us!

      Liked by 1 person

      • haha we wish! and this is our ‘low’ part of the trip as we know its only going to cost more as we go North through the summer. Whatever it costs its under the budget so might just slip some wine in the Lidl basket today 🙂


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