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  1. Morning mates. Are you with Ann and Steve in France yet. l meant to call you before you left yesterday but it slipped my mind. Have a great time. Enviously yours, Jim and Marie. xxx


    • Thanks J & M, we’re sitting here at the aire in Honfleur; we stayed in a countryside aerodrome last night whilst Steve & Ann had a van shaking night at an aire on the coast. They’re both completely jiggered today and their van is only 4 feet from us tonight so I’m having to impose some rules; Ann is wearing a hat that Steve told her to hang on to and she still doesn’t know why. Past his sell-by I’d say!


  2. Love you trip so far, I note you are a few stops missing but we am sure you will update in due course. Please keep the updates coming as we are planning our adventure which commences in April 2015. We are following your blog along with a few others (Big Momma) included, so from your reports we can put the recommendations on a map of places to stop at. So in essence, we are in your hands!!!. Safe journey


    • Thanks Peter, yes, I’m furiously trying to catch up on blog posts now that EHU and wifi are in the same place. Where are you planning to start your adventures? Scotland is good in spring and autumn; too hot for us down here in mid-summer and Amanda thinks that we hit France about one month too soon. You’re doing the right thing to map a route out and identify good stop-overs; we do regret not getting an ACSI card but we’ll correct that for 2015 – they start-over on January 1st/
      Our tech needs mean that being without EHU and wifi for too long isn’t really on – plus there are better things to do with your time than being a slave to battery condition readings, unless, of course, your aim is to travel for as little $ as possible. That’s not our aim but we do like to pay the minimum possible to meet our ‘baseline’ needs. Hope to do more on these issues once the blog is up to date.
      Are you anywhere near The Hungry Horse at Chippenham, Wilts? If so, say hello to my Uncle T for me! Cheers.


  3. Great to see you getting on okay. Your updates and following others who you are bumping into make us feel we are there. Keep posting where you have stopped and visited and please rate the stops, as I have a large map in the study with pin tracings of each or you travellers,(Big Momma and others). That way i have a good indication of locations and stops ready for our Spain and Portugal part of our trip that starts in April. Keep safe and enjoy Peter and Anna


    • Thanks Peter & Anna, It’s very ‘comfortable’ here in Albufeira with EHU/WiFi, I want to stay until the blog is up to date; that may mean one blog saying that all I did was blog! Have gotten on great+ with BM, top man is our Eric. I can see a rendezvous of blog-linked motor-homers happening sometime time down the line, now, that would be a party! I do wish that we’d taken more notice of stops/locations from others before we set out, it would have improved some parts of our trip. Cheers now, Roy & Amanda


  4. Sorry I missed reading the above reply to my earlier post.We are looking to start our journey mid April looking to head up to the arctic circle for the midnight sun, that may change as some of the costings for Norway have been very high with due regard to our outfits we have a Swift kontiki 669 same length as yourself, then head back late June and back to the UK July/August. we have travelled through France and Germany in the summer school holidays (6 weeks this year)and find the Aires just to packed and the heat is so intense. Not being able to live outside on an aire in the heat we find restrictive, So we plan to try Scotland for the two months then head over to France in mid August when the prices of sites drop leading onto using Aires and the ACSI card in September October with a mixture of wild camping . Using you and the others to set out our route so we can blame you all if we don’t have a great time.
    be safe and have fun


    • We’ve been reading a blog by the ‘Grey Nomads’ and that has inspired us to adding a Scotland trip to our ‘Trip Bucket list’, especially as we’re now still allowed in there! Alan & Jenny have a lot of good stops mentioned – he says, trying onto deflect all ‘blame’ to others! We did look at the 669 and decided on the Chieftain because of the kitchen layout (room for 2 to pass through) but we’ve learnt that all layouts are a compromise one way or another and it’s best to learn to cope with what you have, best to love it anyway and improve what you have where you can and stop thinking about a ‘next van’ – now, about those Concorde Motorhomes……..Cheers, Roy & Amanda


    • Hi Ali, good to hear from you. Most all times are good, if we don’t like a place we just move on. Different strokes for different folks, etc. We love the place we’re at now so we’re staying put a while. Quality is the key for us!

      Enjoyed reading your blog, that’s a lot of pictures! You must upload them when you’re at home!

      On the winter warmth front: from all that I’ve read then yes, it’s a good idea. We’re thinking that we came too early; we don’t like cold, hence this trip, but also extreme heat can be uncomfortable and we’ve had days when it’s been hotter than the hottest days of this last UK summer (and there were quite a few hot UK days!). Only this week it hit 34°c-36°c – better than the cold but not so good for our dogs.

      We need an app to regulate the temperature to between 18°c and 25°c!

      You didn’t mention mozzies at Honfleur, we must have visited at a bad time; the mozzies were swarming all over the vans when we were there, worst mozzie place we’ve ever known but a great place to visit.

      SaFe travels both, Roy & Amanda
      ps. Our ‘top 3’ places to date have been Durdle Door, Biarritz and here at Cabanas, others have also been very good but the ‘quality’ that we look for exists in these 3 places.


  5. What an entertaining and informative blog. Sadly we will arrive in Tavira just as you are leaving or have left – on 6th December. We hope you enjoy your first full timing winter. Vicky and Ian.


    • Thanks Vicky and Ian! All going well so far although we do wish that we’d brought a car down with us but this is our first shot at wintering down here and we’re learning! Hope you’re having fun!

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    • Good question Ron – it’s the way wordpress organise all of their blogs to put the newest blog at the top. I have put a drop-down ‘Blog History by Timeline’ on the right side of the page so you could use that to start back in August when the blog started. You’d have to call each blog up from there. Regards, Roy


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