A day in the Life – daylight and temperature averages – Spain+

Wednesday 10th December 2014

The days can become ‘samey’ when you’re in one location for the foreseeable future, tasks that you rush to do when a stop-over is limited to 1, 2 or 3 days are left until ‘mañana’ and increasingly (in my case) postponed until the last few days of a long stop-over.

Without suitable secondary transport our days here follow a pattern of short dog walks, long dog walks, chilling in the sun outside Twernt, bi-daily shopping trips and other regular duties and pastimes.

The big difference is that this seemingly dull existence is actually anything but dull!

On reflection, I wish that I had kept a daily log of overnight and daytime temperatures and of the prevailing weather conditions.

I would like to be able to say:

The average daytime temperature since May 16th 2014 has been n°c (In recent weeks it has been 18°c to 22°c – best experienced has been 34°c, worst has been 15°c – my guess is an average of 22°c/25°c).

The average overnight temperature since May 16th 2014 has been n°c (In recent weeks it has been 6°c to 10°c – worst experienced has been 4°c).

From a total of ndays in Twernt we have had ndays of rain (Further qualified by days when ‘rain stopped play’ – I would guess at 5% of days when rain has featured but only 2 or 3 days when we were confined to barracks).

The overall impression is that Portugal and Spain have delivered on the promise they held as being a sun escape from UK winters.

One bonus that we’re enjoying, particularly in Spain where clocks are UK+1h time, is that darkness does not descend until after 6:00pm.

Darkness does descend quickly with a short period of dusk, but dusk at 6:10pm (20th December 2014) and darkness by 6:30pm is welcomed by us dog lovers with a final beach walk at 6:00pm.

At 4:00pm the ‘day’ is over in the UK, I don’t know the figures and cba to figure them out but 2.5 hours extra daylight for 5 months (?) is 350+ hours of extra daylight in your life.

Put another way (but subject to proofing by a £10m Cameron Consultant Army Study) that’s an additional 25%-30% daylight hours in your winter life.

Roll up, roll up, come and get it!

Meanwhile as we’re busy doing the square root of nothing in the moments that make up a dull day:

I can’t resist taking pictures of other MoHo set-ups, here is one of our German neighbours (they are diagonally opposite us in the ‘treeless’ row that permits an uninterrupted pathway to satellites) ……..

….. and in the same Hymer …. these cats wave non-stop – how are they powered? If they’re Duracell batteries then their ad guys should get their asses down here quickly as these cats wave 24/7, impressive stuff (well, it is when it’s a big part of your daily focus!) – they’re waving at me as I look across to their pitch as I type this – and the MoHo owners haven’t been on site for over a week – we’re guessing that they’re holed up in a nearby villa for the Christmas period.

During our daily beach walk, the zoom lens on my camera, having received a program update, chose to zoom in on this young lady walking on the promenade. I think it had something to do with getting a splash of colour into the picture – note the statue in the background – as featured in a previous blog.

I tried and I tried but the the lens insisted on taking more shots of this young lady – she had a certain ‘swagger’ (best caught in this picture) and she visits the promenade every day – either roller-blading or walking/running. Must be a fitness thing – seems to be working though.

Next, the updated zoom lens program attempted to come to my aid by focussing on the beach showers.

But then, I overruled the synergy developing between myself and the updated program on the zoom lens and spotted this ‘vision’ moving in on me – I thought “I’ve seen that look before, I’m in trouble” ……

Learning to communicate with the locals using gesticulations shouldn’t, IMHO, be extended to using gesticulations amongst fellow-Brits. I’ll have to mention this at some point, perhaps not now – hmmm – need a story ….. and quick …… well I did USB the camera into my PC just before we came out ……

OK, so Amanda didn’t believe me about the Sony Zoom Lens Update, now I’m gonna have to tell her that if Sony are capable of worrying Obama so much then they’re certainly capable of controlling my camera to the extent that it took those pictures outwith my control. Now is not the moment to tell her though.

The synergy between man and camera start the healing process – stormy waters, a few clouds but a promise of sunnier times is on the horizon

I’m fixing a hole where the rain got in – and stopped my mind from wandering ……. where it will go ……

More ‘Coola’ research – doesn’t require further explanation except to David Cameron and his army of public servants – THIS SIGN MEANS THAT YOU CAN PARK YOUR MOTORHOME FOR FREE, IT’S IN SPAIN (EU) – WHERE CITIZENS ARE RECOGNISED AS NOT ALL BEING BANKERS

This is a part of that free parking area, the puddle did seem to survive many sunny days so persistent rainy days may result in some flooding here

Here’s one man and his dog in a corner of the free parking – we have seen up to 5 MoHo’s overnighting here

And the view when stood in the entrance to the free parking – ahead ……

…and to the left – note the Tuareg Bar, which is one beach bar east of our camping – just 100 yards or so – we have also seen MoHo’s overnighting next to some of the beach bars but only ever for a single night and presumably with the bar owners permission – the coords are in a previous blog Coola

And finally, a complaint – it’s only 17°c as I write this. Ciao now, more very soon.

10 thoughts on “A day in the Life – daylight and temperature averages – Spain+

  1. OK, another reply but l don’t know if you are getting them. First, in the pix where Amanda appears to be on the warpath, although l’m sure l’m mistaken about that, umph, there appears to be a meteor shower or are they Orbs come to my pc to tell me summat. None bottled spirits have always followed us around. They were at Barrow l believe, then La Nora, and now in our little Loughborough bungalow although to be fair, haven’t been around for a while. Black shapes floating through the walls, and strange staring from our doggies.

    Re. your Groundhog Days observation, this can well be the case when you either freecamp or camp at an out of the way location. When we had our 38′ American Overland we used to park in La Cala on the edge of Benidorm from late September to mid May. Of course, we had an MPV and scooter for transport so that helped, and ofter joined a merry throng to mountain restaurants where you could eat well and get seriously hammered for a 2,000 pesetas, about a tenner depending on the exchange rate. That was in the 90’s so well before the current pre-occupation of catching boozers behind the wheel. But then, if you were stopped it was only a matter of handing over a nice bottle of Rioja and that was that. Job done.

    I don’t know what the appetite for such joint activities among Brits is now but one thing is for sure, during our 1991 to 1995 winters we never laughed so much before or since. Much more difficult when you have doggies, of course. Anyway, keep on keeping on, and that includes the blogs and pix. Got any plans for the big day. xxx


    • Hi Jim & Marie,
      I am getting the ones I’ve replied to, should there be others? I did find some in ‘spam’ a while back but that should be fixed now – just looked and nothing there other than genuine spam (you’re not Mary Loosepants from Taiwan are you? – if so, sorry but I did delete you!).
      I was going to fess about the picture of Amanda on the warpath in the next blog (later today – 2 to go from recent, then 5 ‘older’ blogs to ‘backfill’), OK, confession time – the pictures of Amanda are not related to the pictures of the young lady on the promenade (maybe her name is Mary Loosepants – how do you undelete spam?). Those pictures of Amanda came from firstly her inquisitive look – is he taking a zoom picture of me? – and then, as she realised that I was taking her picture she did her usual 2-fingered ‘don’t take my picture’ response. It was ‘He won’t dare to publish these pictures if I do this…..’, of course, I did and I did. AJ soon saw the funny side when I ‘married’ her picture to the ones of ‘Mary Loosepants’ and didn’t object to me publishing them.
      The revamped blog has snow falling until 4th January courtesy of an option on WordPress!
      Meeting up with sister, Jill and her husband, Martin, tomorrow morning – they have a villa over Christmas and we’ll no doubt get fixed up for Thursday in the next couple of days – Christmas has largely passed us by so far but our partying starts tomorrow!
      Have a great Christmas both. xx


      • Good morning all. Nice to know my occasional blog reply is getting through, and love the snow effect. Our poor 10 year old Bingo is a breed that needs to puke her bile from time to time and we know when it’s coming as she eats a large amount of grass on either her morning or afternoon walk and pukes sometime inbetween. I prefer her morning mowings so we’re around to monitor her, but since she chose to munch about 8pm last night a single woof at 4am today told me l’d better get her out back muy pronto, and l’ve been clearing up emails and a couple for your blog ever since, and it’s getting on for 7am now, 8am in Spain of course. I was interested in your comment of not quite getting into Christmas yet as away from large cities it really doesn’t start until close to Christmas eve, and even after many Navidades in Spain l don’t think we ever got used to that. However, this year in the UK seems pretty much to be the same. There have been some scuffles at pre-Christmas sales and according to TV news there have been specified days where the odd £billion or so has been spent in one day, largely on-line, but disappointingly, big delivery companies like Yodel have found themselves unable to cope. A few properties around us have illuminated Christmas Santas nailed to their walls but again, very few this year. Supermarkets are fiecely battling it our with whole fresh salmon at only £3.99k., full legs of lamb for £5.45k, and beautifull rare cooked beef joints at £3.99k. I can see huge discounts on even those prices come Friday. Sadly, ours and Katy’s fridges and freezers are stacked to the gunnels, including my whole Boxing day Gressingham duck which traditionally, l do not share, hence, in other years when we’ve had full sevice ovens etc., M has cooked two on the same day. One for me and one for whomever is invited. Better get on kids. Breakfasts to make, doggies to walk, tiny bit of last bit of shopping to do. Have a wonderful time dear friends and we’ll catch you soon. Love from us 4. xxx


      • Excellent, now I’ve got this vision of you tucking into your very own Gressingham Duck! Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year, Love from all here. xxx


  2. Congratulations on some wonderful photographic pictures roy,you really are turning into a photographer with some really artful pictures.lol
    We have been doing some shopping for our getaway again this week and also bought a new camera with a 50x zoom,how i would have loved being there with you, to see ,how much closer my zoom could have made some of your shots that bit more closer.
    It wont be long before you have it fitted in the womens shower block raofl.

    I am still working on decorating the living room by the time i get back from work it is already getting dark which is a real pain in the arse,but we are getting their all be it very slowly.

    Bought one of these over the weekend http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/audio/radios/radios/goji-smoothie-gbtdabr14-portable-dab-bluetooth-radio-red-white-21899136-pdt.html pretty pleased with it as it runs off mains and also a battery that is internally fitted. The radio can then be taken anywhere with you and also be used via bluetooth to our mp3 ipod nano which we also bought at the weekend.
    The idea has also been to use the nano with the stereo in the cab which is not bluetooth,it does plug into a u.s.b cable and works via that although it doesnt work as well as i would like so am now considering a device that uses f.m frequencies to pick up the signal from the ipod.Will give this a go as it would be nice for corina to be able to flick through all the albumns and decide on which ones to play whilst i am driving lol

    Anyhow think of us whilst enjoying your xmas in the sun,,for me the hard work is almost over for my last period of work at xmas , just 2 days to enjoy and then roll on the new year as far as we are concerned.
    Anyhow we wish you amanda and the dogs a verry merry xmas and a happy new year ,give those dogs a pat from us and we shall see you in the new year.


    • I do annoy Amanda sometimes when we’re out walking the dogs and I ‘see’ something that I think might be a picture – the ‘featured’ picture in ‘It’s a dogs life’ being a good example – we were about 30 yards from being between those 2 palm trees and I ‘saw’ the boat heading into the gap along with existing sunbathers and folk coming towards them – the reality being that I ‘threw’ Tilley’s lead in Amanda’s general direction and ran (yup, old men can run!) into the gap to click away. Got the picture and turned around to see Amanda chasing around after Tilley trying to catch her – whoops, my bad!
      The more you take pictures the more frustrating it gets when you don’t have a better zoomerer with less shaky-ness and a faster clicking ‘shoot’ button between shots. Don’t know the technical terms for those things but that’s what I’ll say in a camera shop if we upgrade – maybe the Lumix we have would be better if we get additional lens jobbies. See, you’ve got me getting into photography and getting all ‘techie’ about it now! Just checked and the Sony that I am using more and more has a 30x zoom so 50x will be the b$**$(£$ I would have thought, especially if you can hold it still. Hmmmmm – MoHo’ers walking stick come tripod, gonna need one of those as well now!
      The radio does look good, I brought a cupboard full of CD’s on tour intending to create a disk library but I haven’t even opened that cupboard yet. That jobs on the list, well, it would be if we had a list.
      Corina, you’ll be able to choose all your tunes for Coola to listen to whilst he’s driving – what do you mean you don’t like ‘One Direction’ Coola – ‘Take That’!
      Have a great time over Christmas/New year both, you’re almost there now – press on with that decorating Coola!


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