Salobrena – Twernt half good

Thursday 1st January 2015


Following another of Jill’s magnificent feasts and a steady pattern of trying to exhaust the plentiful supplies of all things alcoholic, we saw in the Spanish New Year and then the UK New Year – with our apologies to Holly, our daughter in Hamilton, Ontario and Mimsi in Vancouver, BC as we weren’t capable of staying around to bring in the Canadian New Year at -6 hours for Hamilton and -9 hours for Vancouver.

By 2:00am, only 2 of the four of us remained (no names, no pack drill) – drinking, Skyping, chatting about nothing in particular (big clue there as to which 2 remained!) and listening to the sounds of local fireworks welcoming in 2015 with the obnoxious Graham Norton providing background entertainment on TV.

At 1:00am Spanish time (UK midnight) more fireworks were heard from around us than we had heard at midnight locally – No comment.

I was later told (another clue there!) that at 2:00am Spanish time another burst of celebration fireworks cascaded around the area from multiple locations.

I still can’t figure that one out! I don’t know of any countries that are -1 hour UK time!!??

The fireworks weren’t of the usual visual magnificance, instead they were, ‘to a man’, rockets terminating with enormous BOOMS. What appeared to be more sustained displays could be heard from the west, probably Almunecar.

Shakey and Tilley (especially Tilley) were scared S&£%less, much reassurance and cuddles were the order of the day night.

The next morning, with 2 ladies nursing Spanish hangovers (‘Splangovers’), we set off to visit Frigiliana, an Andalucian white-washed village/town some 7kms in the hills behind Nerja.

This is our kind of tourist spot…….

Steps between properties in Frigiliana

A view across some of the white-washed houses in Frigiliana – our impression was that these properties are re-painted every year. There are a few tourist shops and even more coffee bars/restaurants.

Another view of properties in Frigiliana

Stretching up the hillside

Martin, checking out the view, from a bar in Frigiliana, that reaches down to the Med near Nerja

After whiling away the morning in Frigiliana we drove down to Nerja, a larger tourist town than Almunecar, with some great views from ‘Balcon de Europa’,which is at the centre of the old town.

Although this name pre-dates a visit made by King Alfonso XII in 1885, it is said that he called this ‘the balcony of Europe’ and it is his statue that now stands next to one of the railings on the ‘balcony’.

The balcony is more like a very wide promenade that leads to the narrower end where the viewing balcony exists. Worth a look-see.

The view through one of the arches on the ‘balcony of Europe’

Jill, Martin, Alf and Amanda

What’s it all about Alfie – is it just for the moment we live, well, actually, yes. Count 4 ‘in the moment’ and one that’s not

January 1st 2015 and they’re sunbathing – picture taken from Balcon de Europa that proves two things – 1) Spain is a better place to be than England on January 1st and 2) Some people eat too much, myself included after this Christmas!

A street in Nerja

A chap forcing the pace as he heads back to the car park whilst his wallet is still intact

Friday 2nd January 2015


Friday was about sorting out the Leisure Battery problem at Twernt.

Martin helped by driving us to Motril and then dropping us off at Twernt whilst we fixed the new battery in place.

Amanda walked the hounds along their favourite haunt – the beach – and, completing battery duties quite quickly, I had only the camera to amuse me (my PC being at the villa).

I started amusing myself whilst sat outside Twernt…..and then wandered around the campsite…..

Entrance to the facilities block at Camping Playa Granada

Black ‘waste not want not’ place in the corner of the yard – adjacent to the ladies toilet – they can definitely get ‘whiffy’ here!

Laundry area

Inside the hombres palace

and again

Fresh water supply in one of the avenues

The restaurant/bar seating area by the roadside

Entrance to the restaurant/bar

Entrance from the road


Saturday 3rd December 2015


Our last full day at the villa (grown man sobs!).

We spent the day planning numerous stops up the east coast and now plan to reach France by early March and be back in the UK for the end of March.

We then intend to implement changes based on our experiences to date plus whatever we feel after experiencing the next two months in Spain. If no changes are planned then we will probably swing by Italy before spending more time in France and we would then return to the UK later than end-March. We shall see.

Planning took quite some time but we now have a mix of Aires and Wilding stopovers planned including another one month stopover as we feel that we will need to catch up with internet stuff at some point.

Overall, the internet service throughout Portugal and Spain has not been good enough for our needs – it’s OK for the casual user but once put under ‘load’ it has ground to almost a halt in most places. Exceptions have been Camping Bella Vista, Manilva and here at this villa, but who knows what deterioration could exist given time and incremental usage. Not good for the business re-start that we are planning.

I did check-out getting a Spanish data sim card for our MiFi but the data/GB to cost ratio is asinine when compared to what we have come to know and love from ‘3’ when in the UK. It would cost over 6 times the UK cost for the same data/GB usage should we opt to MiFi in Spain – there may well be a better deal available if you have a permanent address in Spain.

This is another reason to get the hell out of Dodge and into France where our UK ‘3’ contract will once again be usable.

A few pictures of our last day here…..

I discarded all of our campsite bibles and relied on ESP to find the stopovers needed – and you thought I was sunbathing – Man hard at work……..


Martin, Jill and Amanda on the lower terrace (in the servants quarters!)


I should not have mentioned servants quarters – Jill & Martin did all of the cooking! But then it is her forte – a formidable cook.


A last glance over towards Twernt – parked close to the ships


Zoom on the ships and you can just about make out the Palms on the promenade to the front of Camping Playa Granada – twixt the ‘red’ apartment blocks and the ‘grey’ apartment blocks to the left – in front of the middle ship. The Playa Granada resort is on the right


….and a final Saturday evening picture down to Salobrena with the Playa Granada resort now to the left


….and a final view down the hill from the villa


Zoom to the setting sun on the hotel


…and to the west as the sun sets


The only star to be seen as the sun sets – the planet Venus …..


Whoa, i can get a picture of Venus! In full screen you can see the green halo around Venus that’s generated by it’s atmosphere……….that’s enough………unless you want to see………no, that was enough! Goodnight Salobrena, Twernt half good!

Finally, not sure when I will be able to post again but will be back here as soon as we have EHU and ‘Whiffy’!

Here’s a link to why reverse polarity is a bad thing for batteries –

Ciao now for at least 3-4 days!







12 thoughts on “Salobrena – Twernt half good

  1. Happy New Year to you all and glad to see you see it in in style! Here in Cornwall we have rain, strong winds but a good Friday so at least I could pressure wash the patio.

    Now awaiting return of our van after a slight disagreement with the garage wall whilst she was being Mot’d. the garage are paying so not all bad. Then it’s a quick visit of friends before we start packing for our next tour starting Jan 25th heading your way. Not sure which route we are taking over the Pyrenees yet depending on weather conditions. But above all need sone warmth for the aching bones.

    Can thoroughly recommend Italy and if it is open the lovely camping Covelo nr iseo lake. It’s a smaller cousin of Garda and Como but the site is so friendly with great views and an optional visit to Mount Isola is a must. Have a look when you get wee fee again.

    So all the best keep blogging and you may well see an Autotrail Cheyenne on a sosta near you very soon!!!


    • Thanks Ali and Happy New Year to you both as well. Will be looking out for your Cheyenne, we should be near to the Benidorm area by the last week in January, should have firmed up on Italy or UK by then! Still a lot of sunshine down here, you could have sunbathed 99% of days so far but some days have winds so you need to find a sheltered spot. Overnight it has been about 7°c so not too bad, definitely a cure for aching bones though! Enjoy your travels, won’t be long now. We will lose our internet connection in about 1-2 hours and won’t have a connection for at least 3/4 days. Twernt may look cleaner as a result!


    • Thanks H – it was Ma’s idea to take that pic, I just did as I was told and then took the scissors to the pic to ‘frame ‘ it – chopped out the adjoining archways. See you this year!!


  2. Luxury living is ok but l’m sure you’ll be pleased to get underway again. Each time we did so after a short stop we’d play Willy Nelson’s On The Road Again on our Blaupunkt New York car radio cassette. Well, it was a top model back then. Safe travels.


    • Whilst at the villa I would not have thought that we would easily be able to get underway again without harbouring thoughts of a return to bricks & mortar sooner rather than later – but you are right! It’s liberating with changing scenery and a feeling of ‘We’ll cope without the power-shower and PC desk’ = great views at the villa but great views on the road as well! It’s Neil Young’s ‘Long may you run’ song for us!


  3. Hi both,
    If you come across any Fon/Fonera hotpots, let me know and I’ll send you my login.
    Apparently it’s huge in the EU so could be a help?


    • Thanks Alex, a certain Mother well known to you has set us up with Fon – haven’t needed to go with it yet though as we’re getting WiFi on just about all campsites and our MiFi ‘3’ contract will kick-in again once we’re back in France. We visited some of your old haunts around Salobrena!


  4. Just thought I had better mention it now that you are going in the opposite direction !! Remember our first meeting, when you were at Portimao and we were at Alvor, more significantly, can you recall the ‘special’ gift you presented us with…………..? Well Shazza has just started to devour them and with each minty slurp and clack she mutters something akin to ‘Thank you Roy’ 😄😂😂 Shit !! Was that smoke from a handbrake turn 😂😂


    • If it was left to me it would be! I ran out of Mintoes way back! Amanda asks if I need anything every time she goes shopping and that’s all I ever ask for! Mintoes should be a WORLD product! – Shazza – enjoy!


  5. Happy New Year to you. I am watching your blog with interest re 3 mobile when returning to France from Spain. When I tried to get back on to my 3 package back in France, after being in Spain for several weeks, it would not connect, and only did so immediately we got back to UK. I wonder if I should have rung 3 mobile to get them to sort it before I left Spain, or at least when I just got back to France. I had been using my toggle mobile sim to make calls whilst in Spain.
    As it was getting cold and nights were getting longer, we didn’t hang around long in France, so it wasn’t an urgent thing to get my 3 back.


    • Thanks Jenny and a belated Happy New Year to you – we’re back with WiFi now. I will definitely call ‘3’ as soon as we get back to France in March; I cancelled one contract with them as we left France but put the second contract on minimum data usage at £5/month and they told me to call them when I’m back in France to upgrade to 15GB/month. Very fast WiFi here at Oasis Al Mar Camperstop, Vera/Costa. Happy days!


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