Such a Woman

Friday 5th December 2014

Sons Ed & Will are due here in a few hours.

They won’t be here until 1:00am-ish on Saturday morning – they will have their own written instructions on how to get to Camping Playa Granada from Malaga and bloggerlugs (yours truly) will need to stand at the campsite entrance and wave to every passing car – it could be ‘the one’.

1:00am? Bugger, that’s definitely Schoffel Fleece territory!

Today we decided to ‘explore’ the area to the west of our camping.

I wanted to discover the destination of the ‘beach trucks’ and their loads of aggregate.

I did know that by heading west we would be getting very close to Salobrena which is just a couple of miles along the coast.

With thoughts filling my head of the last time that Amanda and I were in Salobrena (2004), we headed out just after lunch.

We’d had another early morning of only 4°c, it was now up to 17°c but with a ‘beach-wind’ that was strong enough to blitz any resident head lice – the hairiest hippy wouldn’t survive 10 minutes on this beach without enjoying this ‘benefit’!

Zoom shot of the Sierra Nevadas from the beach opposite Camping Playa Granada


Whilst out at sea this solitary fishing boat could be seen close to the horizon – our zoom camera is OK but this vessel was just too far away to get a clean shot – I had to fiddle around with a photo editor to get the picture looking half presentable

Another picture of the snow capped mountains taken from further along the beach

Eureka! now we’re getting somewhere, the first sign of where those ‘beach trucks’ are disposing of their burdens

Strangely, after seeing the ‘beach trucks’ making frequent journeys yesterday, there weren’t any trucks working at all today – evidence here that those loads of aggregate are being used to form a road base….

and that ‘road base’ plus further tipping points every 100 yards or so carry on all the way around to Salobrena

I am now reliably informed (well as reliable as my interpretation of Spanish gesticulations can be) that the promenade running from El Varadero to just beyond our camping is being extended to join up with a promenade at Salobrena, that must be around 3 miles of promenade if not more?

This area is undergoing development and if the quality of the existing promenade is repeated this will be one very long and beautiful addition to the area.

Meanwhile, back with some of my thoughts of Salobrena….

10 years ago Amanda and I ‘honeymooned’ in Salobrena, we got married at the Lands End Hotel, Cornwall, on the 22nd anniversary of when we started to live together – in fact, 22 years to the day.

Why get married after having 3 children and living ‘over the brush’ for 22 years? Well it was a death-bed promise to my mother who wanted us to tie the knot due to her religious beliefs.

In February 2004 Amanda was diagnosed with the dreaded C and, following an operation, whilst still in recovery and awaiting news from her consultant, my mother suddenly became ill with a different version of C and sadly passed away 2 weeks later on May 1st 2004.

2004 was therefore a bitter-sweet year for us but we kept that promise to Mum and married in September of the same year.

Being here brings back all of those memories.


‘Such a Woman’ 10.5 years ago we didn’t think we’d be here today and be able to take this picture….

Enough already! OK, just one more thing and the reason for the blog title…….when we got married Amanda’s wedding march was to Neil Young’s ‘Such a Woman’, those of you that know this song will know why, given our experiences during 2004.

Here’s the song…

Meanwhile on with the business of our day…..

Another beach-side wilding spot for Coola and Corina…. 36°42’55.50″N and 3°33’11.18″W – worth checking out on Google Maps as there are quite a few ‘avenues’ to this parking

and here is one of them …….. empty!

Close to that parking there is a surf shop and also a surfers bar – by now surfer dude Coola is getting very excited about where he will be in 12 months time! This guy was out there today


Zoomed in to make sure that it wasn’t actually Coola and he was already here – this isn’t Coola…….but could be – well without any hair this could be Coola!

And the another wilding spot just east of the previous one……36°42’55.76″N and 3°32’58.98″W – Google Maps shows that quite a few potential wilding spots exist in this area but the two ‘logged’ here DO still exist, didn’t see those others! – the promenade development work on the seaward side of the bar in this picture shouldn’t affect these parking spots

This is the beach-bar in the previous picture and it is called …………….

Tuareg beach bar and restaurant – terracing and seating cannot be seen in these pictures as they face the Med


Returning back to our camping, this is where the promenade currently ends on the western side

and the view eastwards when stood at that western promenade termination

Tomorrow we will be taking a trip to the place where we stood and watched Danny Dyer filming a scene for a film called ‘The Business’ – filmed down here in September 2004.

14 thoughts on “Such a Woman

  1. hi guys just finished reading your last few blogs and may i say how nice it is to hear how you are getting on.
    Some nice pictures,some funny moments and some serious stuff and you are right we would be parked up in some of those places for a good 10 days at a time i think.
    It does look lovely there and we are realy envious i can see us using those exercise machines lol
    I was intrigued as to how you were watching your soaps as i checked you-tube but could not find anything.I will drop you a message on the 365 tomorow but in the meantime raise a glass to us still in work in cold england at this busy time of the year…oh yes i love it lol


    • Hi Coola and Corina,
      Sitting waiting for our lads to arrive, they landed 30 minutes ago.
      I told them that I would stand at the entrance for 5 minutes every 20 minutes starting at 00:20 so time for a couple of more glasses of their welcoming juice.
      They say that there’s a ‘micro-climate’ in this south-eastern corner of Spain but it seems to me that a lot of areas claim that fame, do any areas claim to have a ‘macro-climate’? Don’t even know what one is!
      On the youtube issue, I search within youtube for, say, ‘coronation street 5th december 2014’ and up pops a few of them intermingled with older offerings and sometimes something that claims to be what I searched for but is something older – also disregard the ones that say ‘trailer’. Some offerings are presented diagonally on the screen but hey-ho.
      You should be in bed now with all of those parcels and chrissy cards to deliver in the morning…..doh….it will be Saturday…you’re probably on a day off!
      Glad you’re enjoying the cold back in blighty as much as we’re enjoying the climate down here! lol lol


  2. Thanks for the post. Definitely putting this place on our list for next spring when we move on further south.

    On the subject of TV – we download what we want onto our tablet or laptop and then watch on the big TV. We use watchuktvanywhere (google it). Set up a VPN and hey presto it thinks you are in the UK. Useful for some other things too. If you want more info just ask.

    Have a lovely time with your family and keep blogging.


    • Good morning Wendy & Iain,
      Thank you – a busy day ahead of us! – the lads arrived at 01:30 and Twernt has been turned into a hippy doss house!
      I’ll check out watchuktvanywhere, son Will has told us about and to buy a vpn as the free ones can be hit and miss.
      I think that your MoHo might have problems getting onto this site, may best to park in the free car park opposite and check them out first, no problems at those wilding spots for you though.
      We’ll be heading north, hugging the coast, in January so we may hopefully get a chance to say hello.
      Stay warm (!).


      • It would be great to actually meet someone we’ve been following. We’re in Albir (about 4 miles north of Benidorm) Camping Cap Blanch and staying until the end of March. Beware though we are a friendly bunch and you might get embroiled in a party!!!!!!

        Re: VPN, we pay £5 per month and agree, the free ones are a bit hit and miss. The one we use is very reliable. You can watch all channels online but can only download BBC and Channel 4 for watching later. But it’s amazing just how little you want to watch when you have to choose it.

        Also for £10 per month we have subscribed to the Daily Telegraph Digital package. Downloads the whole paper (except puzzles and TV listing) for reading later. I expect other papers offer a similar service. Cheaper than buying the paper back home. But did find that we had to use the VPN to subscribe. Iain likes to read the newspaper and it gives me a couple of hours of “me” time each day – lol.


      • Thanks Wendy, get the bunting out! We leave here early January and will mooch our way towards you, how soon depends on what we encounter but definitely before the end of March – we had said that we would return to the UK in March, we’re now thinking that Twernt’s MOT is in July so we may stay around until then – Amanda wants more France and maybe a dip into Italy.

        We do look forward to meeting with you both, it was really good meeting Eric & Shazza, quickly became like being with old friends, book-ends. We get along really well with them.

        I will check out the VPN and watchuktvanywhere as soon as I’m up to date with this blog, got some great pics this morning and want to get 2 blogs out today – this may be humanly possible but may not be ‘Roy’ possible – we shall see!

        Amanda does check an on-line newspaper but just the headlines really, I just go with on-line BBC and Derby Evening Telegraph (!) – DCFC and Mickleover Sports.

        OK, Blog X 2 challenge starts here!

        Take care both.


  3. Hello, just started to read your blog after being directed via Eric and Shazza! a great read and some very useful information, thank you.
    The Wife and i hope to be living your lifestyle (or at least semi) as soon as we can,life to short and the rat race is getting to us.

    Enjoy the sun and look forward to further story.



    • Hi Tom & Jo,

      This time last year we were avid followers of Eric & Shazza’s blog; putting up with all of this sun, the lazy days and the great surroundings is all down to Eric – he has a lot to answer for!

      We do not regret one minute of it – actually we regret about 10 minutes (which isn’t ONE minute!) – the 10 minutes when we decided to NOT tow a car down with us!

      Roy & Amanda


    • In the morning before the sun swarms our small part of earth it feels chilly – also once darkness descends at about 6:30pm. It’s enough to put my shoulder in ‘do not use this arm’ mode from my spondy-thingy-arthritic-wotsit (medical term).
      I know I should be thinking about all of the poor ‘wild animals’ suffering permanent outdoor residence in these cooler climes but I’m not a ‘wild animal’ – more an animal that’s ‘wilding’! – kind of.


    • Thanks William, very kind of you, more blogs are imminent now that I have re-vamped the blog layout – could be 10 – so I hope that you feel the same after they’re published!

      Promenade work stopped a week or so ago, I’m guessing it may be happening as the local budget permits – it may be a long-term project given the state of the Spanish economy.

      Not too many Brits in this corner of Spain but some may say that’s a good thing (probably the masses of German, Dutch and French that are here!)


  4. Hi not done that part of spain much but the Portugal trips we did a few times a lot of yours elvas serpa evora lagos amaco de pera fuseta cabbanas but always seemed to come back up caceras Salamanca way …glad to see your loving it ……..


    • Hi William,
      We’re complete newbies to this and now we’re seeing families here spending Christmas in tents! Would never have considered that but I guess it’s only like camping in the UK in September. We’re still on a journey of discovery and, yes, we’re loving it – winters will never be the same again – well ………… they will…..they’ll be the same as this one!


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