La Marina, Guardamar del Sagura

Friday 23rd January 2015 to Saturday 24th January 2015

misc-rv-cartoon-imagesP symbol


La Marina, Camino del Pinet, La Marina Nord, Murcia

N 38.15087 W -0.63276




❌ WiFi

❌ Shower Block

✅ Free

✅ Close to beach

✅ Pleasant if mediocre area (Amanda loved it though!) – good for an overnight stop

✅ Dog walks in the dunes, the pine forest twixt aire and beach and the beach itself

🏁 Would return to use as an overnight stop-over




Twernt at La Marina – the main, somewhat crowded, parking area……


and… another area (used by 2 MoHo’s only) spotted down the lane to the beach and behind the beach front buildings. We’ll know next time!



La Marina beach



Man with cam out of his van



An AJ picture taken at La Marina beach the next morning



… and another….



I’m not going to tell her that I prefer the ones that I took down at Playa Granada, they were better than these pictures because they had some witty captions on them and these sunrise pictures don’t



AJ did manage to capture these beach front palaces quite well though – AJ loved these places



When I first saw this picture I thought the guy was getting ready to ‘P’ all over France, then I realised that his rod was …..a rod.



Spain prepares to receive her daily gift of sun that England can only dream about on this January morning



When you can’t afford to build steps to your property – improvise.




11 thoughts on “La Marina, Guardamar del Sagura

  1. Nice pics and better weather than here have snow at the mo . No news on lulu yet but after the cam belt went will be looking for a moho with a merc motor then we dont have these problems . It was changed not long ago to . Have a safe trip . Did you get the tip on a stop through france .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks HP, hope that snows gone next month for when we get back – so Lulu’s days are numbered even if she gets all fixed up then, still, you’re the man for sourcing replacement MoHo’s so you’ll get it sorted quite quickly once you know what you’re dealing with. Have recorded that stopover after finding it on Google Earth, not sure of our route back yet though but will definitely use it if we’re close, thanks. We’re still at the Stop Go aire at Peniscola and might stay here before doing a 3/4 day ‘dash’ back to the UK. Mid-march looks likely now to keep within the 6 month rule. Roy


    • It’s called ‘Spray on Spain’ but I’ve seen you wearing a better product – ‘Spray-on Morocco’ – was going to try that but I heard that some unscrupulous sellers are watering it down and I didn’t want to risk an expensive breakdown, given my age (and my wallet!).


      • Just couldn’t resist it Eric and knew that you’d take it in the intended spirit of humour – you certainly didn’t deserve the BigMomma problems and we sincerely hope that she treats you better in future. Sunny but windy here in Peniscola today – we said today that the prom was made for Eric & Shazza, we look forward to meeting up again that’s for sure. Happy and less expensive travels to you both. xx


      • Hello matey, had a good laugh at the tan response, always good to have some banter with friends 😉 Now back on other Coast, near Cadiz but WiFi has not been good for several days. When we next speak will tell you about ‘Estepona’, nod, nod, wink, wink 😄


      • Look forward to that, end of this trip is on the horizon – here’s hoping for a sunny March in England; if we’re sorted in time we may venture north for a while on the lookout for haggis, neeps and tatties … and elf’s!


      • Yes, details all logged and Big Momma’s travels being followed as avidly as ever! Latest news here is that our daughter, Holly, won’t be coming ‘home’ (wherever that is!) for at least 3 months so we don’t need to get back now until mid-May. We shall see……. Safe and happy travels both. xx


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