Children of the MoHolution

Sunday 11th January 2015

Sunday morning is often greeted in by playing Velvet Underground’s ‘Sunday Morning’ (can’t think why!).

Munching on my Sunday morning BLT accompanied by multiple coffees fails to get me past a line in the song that goes ‘It’s just the wasted years so close behind’.

The rest of that song, to me,  is a sound from way back that goes well with sleepy-starts to Sunday mornings but that line has laid increasingly more guilt on me as the years have gone by!

I want a re-write and a new version released without that ‘downer’ line in it – Bring back Lou!

It would take more than a few coffees to burn that line out of my head but I’m nothing if not a pragmatist, one that can shake off downers by hastily replacing them with objective-driven thoughts, and, just by surveying our surroundings, of MoHo’s, a neat Aire and a blazing sun and all that this combination represents, I’m already on the ‘up’!

So ‘let’s get on with the show’ ………

I decided to to take a few pictures of some of those on-site MoHo’s:


On the terrace below us is a couple of Concorde MoHo’s – quite a few of these here – with a few bits added, you’re going to have to fork out around €200K for one of these


Our immediate neighbour had to move to the very edge of his pitch boundary with Twernt  – all due to a ‘newcomer’ pitching next to him and blocking his light (& sun)……..

… and here’s the ‘newcomer’, why, it’s another of those Morelo’s! – these puppies are TALL and, with extras, they cost around €300K-€350K

MAN Euro VI-chassis, PhoeniX Alcove Maxi-Liner – €300K-€400k, depending on spec – they weigh about 8 Tonnes and have a payload of almost 4 Tonnes – I’d give the shirt off of my back to have one of these!

After photographing and checking out a few of the on-site MoHo’s, my spirit was deflated and that song line ‘It’s just the wasted years so close behind’ kept repeating itself in my head,

A little deflated and in need of a new focus, I traipsed back to Twernt.

Luckily, Beth, Nathaniel and their boys (A Major Break) had arrived on site yesterday, so a good day was in prospect.

We had arranged to take ourselves off to check-out Vera Playa.

With our 6 cycles assembled, we set off using the excellent cycle-paths.

Tom entertained with his stunt riding skills – he is Mr. Stunt-Meister!

Our first sighting of the Vera Playa and it was a tad disappointing.

None of the restaurants/cafes appeared to be open and the beach front has the appearance of neglect, this may be due to the fact that it’s now off-season but the masses of apartments for sale at ‘giveaway’ prices add to the feeling of this being a resort in decline – a big shame because all aspects of the resort look to be ‘ready-to-go’ – probably just needs more punters (visitors and residents) to bring in more spondulicks for the area to qualify for a higher level of maintenance/improvement – it could  be a real ‘go-er’ with the established infrastructure having been well thought out and already in-place (cycle paths, etc.).

If Spanish property prices are depressed, I would expect an area like this to ‘blossom’ quite quickly once an upturn appears (if it ever does!).

And then, strolling along the beach, we saw what, for me, could only be the owner of that PhoeniX MoHo ……….


Could this be the owner of that PhoeniX ‘MAN’ MoHo? If so, it looks like you need to give more than the shirt off of your back to get one of those MoHo’s – Going to have to re-think my plan! – maybe not.

There was evidence that this beach might have a leisure purpose that none of us subscribed to:


This either translates to ‘Naked people frequent this area’ or the multitude of naked people (mostly guys) meant that there was another Aire close-by that was full of PhoeniX/MAN MoHo’s

We retired to the only beachside bar/restaurant that was open, initially opting for seating at the side of the establishment – in order to preserve child innocence.

Sadly this side of the bar/restaurant was in the shade but some of the occupants – who were sipping their teas and coffees – seated in the sunnier area were stark-b%££%$* naked; if those teas/coffees are piping hot they are in trouble! They’re pretty much all older than me (perish that thought before you start!) and I’ve had a few times when my <piping hot> coffee has escaped with gravitational predictability!

Beth & Nathaniel are tutoring Alfie (aged 12 years) and Tom (aged 7 years) during their ‘Major Break’ and their curriculum hasn’t yet included sex education – as proved by Tom, who asked his Dad, during cycling down to the beach, “How do you make babies?”.

Clearly not a question that Nathaniel was expecting, he replied ‘Ask your Mum later Tom” – shame – I thought both Tom and I were about to learn something that has always bothered me.

Nathaniel, Beth and Amanda settled for coffees/teas – I like my coffee hot and if this establishment served hot drinks those naked customers they could be in real trouble, so I figured that the hot drinks were only really luke-warm,

I ordered a beer – I needed something to dull the visions now appearing everywhere around us – not a pretty sight.

Beth, however, was able to describe in detail the pieces of jewellry that were dangling from male dangly bits – Good spot Beth, the rest of us hadn’t noticed that!

It may well be that these guys were impoverished beach sellers and this was the only place that they had to carry their stock – if you’re into lip piercing don’t buy any lip jewellery from them though – that’s my advice.


Alfie, Britain’s next comedian GREAT, wasn’t impressed, he turned his back on these ‘Dangle-Dongle City’ dwellers and concentrated on checking out how his share portfolio was performing.

We ordered some ‘pub-grub’ and had to make a decision to stay at our ‘shady’ seating area or move around the corner to the sunny side of the bar/restaurant.

An area where, for us, ‘people watching’ would be forcibly replaced with ‘people’s willy watching’.

“Hey, is that Dick Tracey?”

“Nah, looks more like Nobby Stiles”.

“What about him – Is that Dick Brown?”.

“Nah, it’s just sunburnt”.

Shady-side or Sunny-side-with-risks?

Sunny won.

At least by this time all of us adults had ‘wised-up’ and switched to beers.

The lads sat with their backs to the parading menagerie of nakedness that are yet to achieve their ambition of becoming the subjects of a David Attenborough.’Special’.

David Attenborough (related to Amanda and to Steve S!) once said “The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?”.

I somehow don’t think that these were the elephants that he was referring to.- unless he meant really tiny elephants with really tiny trunks!

What about the naked waiters and waitresses, I hear you ask? – Good question …  the answer is there weren’t any.


Burger and Chips! A rare/non-existent menu option in some of the places that we’ve visited so far in Portugal and Spain. Are Beth & Nathaniel donning their shades to block out the ‘visions’ around us or to get a better view? Should have brought my own shades along … on second thoughts … good move!

The opportunity did  exist to surreptitiously take pictures of jewellery-adorned-willies (one), belly-overhang-hidden-willies (the rest) and female ‘visions’ that would have Rubens leaping out from the grave with paintbrush in hand to capture on canvas

Meanwhile Nathaniel was labouring away to fix a number of punctures found in Tom’s rear cycle tyre.

Nathaniel could only find two of what must have been at least three punctures in the tyre – yet again, small pricks on this beach had caused us some problems – the tyre wasn’t going to be fixed here so Tom couldn’t ride his bike back to our camping. The DoggyRide trailer top provided a solution to transport Tom’s bike on our return ride.

Bike-less Tom ran the mile or so back. Tom has energy. Tom is 7.

He even side-tracked his run back to swerve over into a road-side park, climb all over the ‘monkey-bars’ and then swerve back to our group. Stunt man, monkey-bar expert and energy junkie, that’s Tom!

2 bikes, one Doggy-Ride trailer complete with 2 dogs – a picture taken by Amanda, whilst carrying a handbag – containing my very heavy wallet – I’m grateful for small mercies – at least I think I am

Some MoHo’s were parked on the road-side as we left the playa and they included a ‘G’ reg old Hymer – I am now wondering if that could be a certain J & J from a certain forum who I know are naturist lovers and that they are also somewhere down in this area.

If that was you J & J, I do apologise for not recognising you – in your avatar you are fully clothed.

If I’d known that you might be here, I would have checked out more faces on the beach, can’t think why I didn’t really – anyway, if it was you, nice to see you!

Once we got back to Twernt we discovered that the previously fast WiFi was now loitering somewhere between non-existent and a speed that measured in bytes per second only!!! (Usually measured in MBps, sometimes, if you’re unlucky they can drop down to a KBps measurement but Bps!!!). ‘Limited’ connection often indicates that you didn’t get an IP address issued but in this case we did so it was just a trashed WiFi service.

From the land of WiFi aplenty to the land of WiFi SFA – and it stayed this way until we left 36 hours or so later.

After dinner, Beth, Nathaniel, Alfie and Tom came over to Twernt and we shared a few beers and vino’s – right now the ‘Major Break’ crew are creating a time that they will hopefully never look back on as being ‘the wasted years so close behind’ – Life is good!

Beth & Nathaniel invited us over the next afternoon for a game of Boules/Pétanque.

Monday 12th January 2015

The site WiFi is still lousy, I suspect that those Morelo MoHo’s come complete with a site-zapping piece of software detrimental to all other site WiFi users.

You Morelo owners are under observation – be warned.

On with more important matters – Boules/Pétanque – I have never played the game and I now understand that one is a derivative of the other.

From my brief ‘speed-read’ of both versions on Wiki, the game of Boules involves a run-up to the ‘oche’ whereas Pétanque requires that you stand at the ‘oche’, feet together and do not move.

The only game that I’ve played that involves holding a ball is cricket but I’m guessing that bouncers, beamers, googlies, spinners, etc. aren’t going to be of much use to me here – might be fun trying though and imagine the craters I could create in these manicured Boules/Pétanque courts!

Better still, whack those large silver balls and try to get them to explode – even better, lets load them with enough explosives to create a ‘bang’ that will shut those constantly barking camp dogs up! We’re onto something here, Timothy…….

For anyone interested in discovering the history and differences between Boules and  Pétanque, these Wiki pages may help:

Beth starts the game off – I’m relegated to umpire and camera duties (not enough ball sets for all) – check out that look of concentration on Nathaniels face – you just know that he’s going to be good at this game – and he was!

Amanda at the ‘oche’ and a look of sheer relief on Nathaniels face as the ball goes in a direction other than his – hey! – the ball, mid-flight, is in this picture! – exciting or what?

This is Petra, from Germany, who, with her son, David, is on a sabbatical helping David to recouperate from a serious back injury . Beth & Nathaniel had earlier supplied lunch during which we all nattered away – my impression was that Petra, a lovely lady, either has a scientific background or a keen interest in matters relating to GM crops – thank you Petra, wisdom spread amongst fellow MoHo’ers is invaluable – for casual readers, believe me, GM foods are bad shit and if you don’t believe me I’ll send Petra around to have a word in your shell-like. The game stance held by Petra is probably the correct one – if this game leads to a penalty shoot-out there will be only one winner – Petra ………from Germany!

Nathaniel, what can I say, however he’s doing this, it’s the way to do it! Nathaniel won more games than the 3 ladies, not just a few more but a few more than that. In the background is the ‘Major Break’ MoHo conversion. .

Nathaniel converted their van especially for this ‘Major Break’ – and it’s loaded!

Wet room/toilet, twin bunks, large kitchen with a close-to-Twernt-sized worktop, a double bed at the front (once converted from seating) and masses of storage.

The storage includes learning aids for the Monday to Friday classroom duties that Beth and Nathaniel deliver to provide a ‘standard+’ curriculum to the lads.

Alfie and Tom are ‘live’ learning geography, social skills and more – in a way that a ‘standard’ curriculum couldn’t hope to deliver.

Way to go!

Children of the Revolution MoHolution!!

The four contestants being admired by some onlookers – either that or the lady in red is coming over to sign Nathaniel up for the Spanish Olympic Pétanque Team

Petra and Beth had won three games each (to Nathaniels more than 6 wins!), Amanda decided that I might be able to break the Twernt team duck.

Not much chance of that!

I’ve never played this game before (really!).

Amanda took over dog and camera duties and my first-ever throw in a game of Pétanque gave her this picture ……

Shoot! that must have been beginners luck! but the 2nd ball also landed on these two by some miracle and I did manage to get 3 wins before my arm got tired and Nathaniel once again took over in the winning stakes (what do you mean my arm was fine, Nathaniel? – this is my blog and I’m writing the truth here for posterity – you can write all the lies you want in your blog!)


In the background, David and Tom pondered over reasons why the UK should remain as a part of Europe – it’s all about playing with the toys and not about who gets to ‘own’ them – not a problem when you play together this well – so play more, own less is the message from these young Europeans that should put to shame the saddo ‘own more’ brigade.

Alfie demonstrating ‘bruvverly love’ with his bro Tom – Alfie has a wicked sense of humour – he could already outwit my feeble attempts at humour.

The Major Break Crew – Tom, Beth, Alfie and Nathaniel – thanks for the day ‘Major Break’ we had a great time and please pass our best wishes on to Petra and David if they’re still with you.

With a lot to do and not a lot of daylight left, we said our farewells to the ‘Major Break’ crew, really special to have met you all and we somewhere down the line we hope that we’ll get a chance to meet up again – and thanks for the day, really enjoyed it.

That night a knock at Twernt’s door and it was Beth who had freshly cooked these ginger biscuits – whoa! – they were bloody delicious Beth – now we’re going to be watching your blog closely to make sure we ‘happen’ to be wherever you travel to …. yum.


Tuesday 13th January 2015

Early to rise and pack up camp from our 5 night stay here.

Oasis al Mar is a lovely site and we will definitely be back to this one – probably for a longer stay.

We didn’t explore the marina area along the costa and we could have enjoyed a lot more cycle riding along the many cycle paths in the area.

I could also have made an x-rated version of ‘Twernt on Tour’ that could have included pictorial evidence backing up Jethro’s claim to what the word ‘Twernt’ really stands for.

As my Mother would have said “You’re a very rude man”.

Sorry Ma, but all of those bible classes were totally lost on me – although perhaps the nonsense helped me to see ‘the truth’ earlier than some. Don’t you sometimes wish that Richard Dawkins had been around much earlier in your life!

Before we left ‘Oasis al Mar’ we went down to say our final farewells to Beth, Nathaniel, Alfie and Tom. As it was still ‘early door’s it was clear that they were still in slumber – ciao guys, thanks again and hope that we see you soon.


Our road to enlightenment on this Tuesday morning in January, we made a few detours en-route to check out a few places – nothing exciting or worth reporting


and the ‘bible’ that helps us to find another ‘Nirvana’ – Note the kilometer converted mph-y-fied speed limit bottom left, next to our actual speed. All of the other gubbins on the screen is useful as well – Travelling North East on the A7 with 79 miles to destination and it’s 13:23 hours – drive 13 miles before the next junction/roundabout/whatever action is required – 13 miles? The cruise is on, feet are rested and I’m taking this picture using both hands – not! (Just one hand – I had a cigarette, a cup of coffee, a magazine and my late lunch in the other!)


The tunnel that runs beneath Lorca Castle – a medieval fortress from circa 9AD to 15AD. Now a site of cultural interest that was of key strategic value to misguided religious groups that fought to occupy it during the middle ages. Let’s all play together and not want to own anything, you’re still going to get there – just more of you


Another road pic


We stopped by some of the golf resorts for a quick look-see


Looking forlorn and desolate but this one has 2 bed apartments selling for an asking price of €29K – that’s about £24,000.00! Not bad, fit a power-shower and use as an occasional ‘bolt-hole’ and then, in 200 years time, once the sun-seekers bring their ‘do-re-mi’ back to Spain, it could be worth more – I’d predict maybe as much as £1000 more – from the ‘feel’ of the area


And rest ………. our destination just outside Cartagena – may ‘hole-up’ here for a while, rent a car and explore around us

40 thoughts on “Children of the MoHolution

  1. Roy, if you had one of those Morelo behemoths think of all the places you wouldn’t have been able to go because of length, height and tonnage and the amount of spondulicks to cross the channel, road tax and insurance increases. Still want one? – stay normal …. 😉


      • I wouldn’t have one of those even if I did win Euromillions. I saw the top of the range version of R0X1 at the CC exhibition and it felt OTT. Common as muck, me 😉 You’re right tho’, it’s an ongoing process of tweaking – and it’s such Fun!!


  2. Good bus route into Cartagena from near the motorhome stop.we were there in December. Good Wifi too,so more blogging before too long! Thoroughly enjoying your blogs, and looking forward to being on the road again end of this month.


    • Thanks John & Angie, will look at that but we may rent a car here for a while. The Wifi is better than at many sites; speed-test says that it’s running at 1.13 Mb/s – not great, but better than most that we’ve had – it’s been reliable as well – even during expected peak times. Being on the road is very addictive! Hope you have good travels.


      • Hi Roy – I’m just researching the wretched travel insurance issue & wondered how you full time guys do it. We’re away for 185 days, and most of the companies only cover for a max of 90 days. We’ve got a silver account with Lloyds Bank, who will extend the term to 186 days for £360 !! Do you have alternative arrangements or do you just trust that your EHIC card will suffice? I’m kinda thinking that we’re never too far away for 1 of us to drive back to the UK, but I guess that’s taking a chance. Just booked a Eurotunnel crossing using Tesco Vouchers, so only had to pay for the dog. Jane


      • Hi Jane – We’re pretty much uninsurable these days! But we figured, as you have said, that we should be able to get back to the UK for many things (sorry Roy, it’s too late to re-set your leg now, you’ll have it permanently hanging by your left ear for-evermore!) and we’ll take a chance on the rest. We have family that would ‘rescue’ us back to the UK if needs be and there are cheap flights that you could take if the circumstance permits. Also, we were informed that the EHIC can work quite well providing you turn every ailment that afflicts you into an ’emergency’ – sorry doc, didn’t realise it was a pimple, I thought it was a nasty snake bite and that death was imminent!
        I don’t know the figures, but I do know that some do go the whole nine yards on the insurance front but many are EHIC-only as well. EHIC isn’t of much use if you’re planning to go to Morocco though.
        I suppose it all depends on your risk tolerance, no good being EHIC-only if it plays on your mind and that leads to spoiling your travels and yet it’s no good overspending on health insurance if your contingency plan gives you peace of mind – and more money in your pocket! Cheers, Roy


  3. Ah Roy. They just keep getting better. I love the way you tie in nuggets of info with humour. Definitely a man after my own heart. Keep them coming. How long are you planning to stay down there?


    • Thanks Nick,
      I start out with the nuggets and then just get carried away a bit!
      Our daughter, who lives in Canada, is returning to the UK for a visit at the end of March so we want to be back to see her.
      March/April in the UK can be good, so here’s hoping!
      Swerving the snow is better than swerving in the snow!
      Cheers, Roy


    • Thanks Wendy – we’re getting closer to your site! – Have tried a few times to leave comments on your blog but keep getting blocked due to some spurious characters being contained in my reply – and yet there aren’t any – weird. We’re getting closer to knowing what we will do but we’ll see out these last couple of months of our trip before making a final decision – the nice new MoHo scene isn’t a part of that either, our experience so far is that it is ‘the experience’ that matters and not the $value of the vehicle that supplies the locations and experiences. Needs to be neat though and meet my OCD requirements!


    • We all know who that came from! Boules was fun, must get our own set, I am told that they can cost up to £400 – we sold sets of them when we had Cobble Corner for about £12! – and we kept a set – but your Ma eBayed them away to a new home (in the sun!). x


  4. We got the bus twice into Cartagena, loved it there.
    Love your blogs, great fun, we’ve noticed a lot of those big rigs about, as said before though, they have to be careful where they go.
    We’ve only got a little one in comparison, 22 foot Autosleeper Hampshire.


    • Hi Trish, we’ve holed-up here to sort the dreaded end of year accounting stuff for the business that we temporarily closed last year. A few days to get the bits and pieces together and then we’re planning to get a rental car to explore around here- J&J know this area well and have marked our ticket for Salinas and Portman, so we’ll start with those.
      We’ve had a few Autosleepers – Trooper, Trident and a …. red one … a T2 (can’t remember the model!) back in the 80’s.
      There’s a big appeal to one that you can also use as a day vehicle – with a couple of those quick-erect day tents on your pitch to provide cycle storage and a ‘day’ room, space can be increased – storage might be a problem though. Rain/Bad weather can confine you to quarters but we’ve seen very little rain since May 2014.
      The old 10% rule comes into play – why spend 90% of your money catering for 10% of your needs – same goes for fuel consumption, etc. It’s all interesting stuff though! (except those big rig owners don’t worry about the money aspect!).
      After meeting Beth and Nathaniel (A Major Break) we would worry about swanning around using a smaller van as a day vehicle – the sites that we’ve been on have all felt very safe to leave your van at when you swan off somewhere for the day – unlike when we’ve ‘wilded’ – wouldn’t let the van out of sight then!


  5. WOW! I am astounded that you actually managed to get my bigger little brother to smile for a photo! I am sure that there was a lot of “ughh!” and other outcries from Alfie on the beach!
    ~Lauren (Beth’s daughter)


    • Hi Lauren, very pleased to hear from you! – Beth did say that Alfie doesn’t smile for the camera – I will expect a comment from him and I’ll brace myself for it! – he’ll probably want to sue!
      And, yes, on the “ughh” front, he immediately turned his back on the ‘Vera Visions’ and stayed that way throughout our beach visit. He’s a great character though and has a very sharp wit, we loved him (and Stunt Man!). Please pass our thoughts on to Beth & Nathaniel, we hope they sort the laptop out when they get to Gibraltar. Roy & Amanda


  6. Great blog Roy, personally met “The Major Breakers” when they stayed at the Orangegrove, great family, that´s where Nathaniel possibly perfected his Petanquer skills… Love your sense of humour and the pics are great. Sorry I didn´t get to meet you, maybe another time.


    • Thanks David.
      Nathaniel is probably still at Oasis al Mar taking on all-comers.
      Will pm you about Orange Grove in the next few days in the hope that you may have a place for a few nights. Need to check my incoming emails better!
      Hope we get to see you soon and please say hello to HP (Hymer) from us.


  7. Hi guys, sorry we haven’t replied sooner. We just caught sight of you leaving on Tuesday, sorry we missed you, we left a few hours later. We went to camping playa granada and the wifi was terrible! And you were right about the noisy dogs too so we left the next day and made it to La Linea by Thursday.
    We all really enjoyed our few days with you, Tilley and Shakey and can’t thank you enough for being so kind to us, you certainly achieved your intention to restore our faith! Alfie has now recovered from seeing the ‘sights’ on Vera playa and is almost back to his old self since we managed to replace his laptop in Gib (tax free, bonus!).
    Loved your posts on Vera, certainly a few days that will go down in memory! I hope we manage to meet up again on our travels, although I suspect you will be well on your way back to Blighty by the time we saunter back that way; we need to go to Portugal now to claw back some of our losses.
    If you liked Oasis al Mar we can guarantee that you will love Orange Grove, it is the best site we have been on by miles. We’re actually a bit gutted we went there so early on as the bar has now been set very high!
    All the best, Beth, Nathanial, Rooster and Pom xx


    • Hi all,
      Just as we’re thinking that you’re still at Vera we discover that you’re almost in Portugal! Probably are by now!
      WiFi at Camping Playa Granada was poor and they charge €2/day or €1/day if you take for 30 days. They said it was at ‘the edge of service’ but we found that it was lightning fast if you accessed via iBoost – between the hours of 00:01 and about 08:00!!! – I used to get up at around 5:00am to upload blog pictures!
      Dog barking has been a major feature of most campsites that we’ve been on in Spain and Portugal.
      Glad to hear that you’re now sorted on the tech front and hope that your budget recovers quickly – the cheapest aire that we found in Portugal was at Portimao Marina – just €2.5/day – but no EHU and Wifi at the bar providing you buy something.
      The beaches in Portugal are better than any we’ve seen so far in Spain. Hope that you find plenty of ‘jewels’ down there!
      We’re hoping to get to Orange Grove in a week or two providing they have a space for us.
      Lauren says that I managed to get a rare picture of Alfie smiling – he’s gonna hate me forever now – subjecting him to those ‘visions’ plus recording him smiling! I can imagine what he’s saying! (tell him that my parents were married, so he’s wrong!).
      Take care all and travel safe as I’m sure you will after that nasty experience (the van being robbed not Vera Playa!).
      Love from us all xx

      ps – thanks for the biccies, they were luvverly and very quickly demolished!


    • Thanks Albert, the dogs definitely restrict what we are able to do and are the source of ongoing ‘discussions’ on how to accommodate them and to have more freedom to travel around. It’s just not on to use Twernt as a day vehicle, so we need something that will take the 4 of us. Cycles are OK with a dog trailer providing you’re happy to cycle in all conditions, on many different types of road, and for up to probably 20 miles or so in a day (40+ miles with your return trip). Public transport is a hassle and we have therefore dismissed it as a possible solution.
      We also discarded a scooter/motorcycle rack or trailer as the risks to Shakey & Tilley are unacceptable to us. That leaves a car (trailed or rented) or a different solution to having a large motorhome for wintering ‘in the sun’ (our primary reason for having Twernt). The juries still out on that one!
      One thing we do know is that this has been the biggest restriction that we’ve felt since we set out. When we were at Playa Granada we visited Almunecar, Nerja, Frigiliana, Salobrena, Marina del Este and Granada – all in someone else’s car – plus numerous no-hassle shopping trips.
      It also depends on whether or not you’re able to leave your dog in your MoHo for long periods – some folk do, but we don’t – they are with us pretty much 24/7 and that was a deliberate decision – but we have to live with and modify our desires as a result. Wouldn’t have it any other way though!
      My grandfather was a shepherd and I was taught a long time ago the difference between a working dog and a pet and have always chosen to let our dog’s personality ‘breathe’ – so they’re not trained to within an inch of their life!
      Wouldn’t have it any other way though, they’re ‘family members’ but – as with all family members! – there’s a price that you have to pay!
      Nothing wrong with having a dog that has been trained to be ‘solitary’ (some breeds are better than others at that) but we chose otherwise and now it’s ‘biting us in the bum’ in this lifestyle! But we’ll fix it for next year without changing our relationship with the dogs.


  8. Hi Roy – please excuse me if you’ve already seen the email I sent this morning, but just in case you haven’t had it, I thought I’d ask you here. It was about pet insurance. I’ve been in touch with Animal Friends this morning, the company I insure our dog with. They said that they can only give cover for up to 30days. As we’re going to be away for 6months, it’ll mean we’re not covered. How do you manage this problem with your 2 four legged friends? I would be very grateful if you could let me know which company you’re with or maybe you have a different solution. Many thanks, Jane


    • Hi Jane – we haver had one , two and sometimes three dogs at any one time for the last 31 years (plus 2 long-term cats) and Amanda deliberately took the decision to never take out any pet insurance for any of them. As a result we’ve saved a fortune! Amanda thinks that we’ve paid out about £2500 (fees that would have been claimable on an insurance plan) over those years and pet insurance would have cost at least £16,000. We therefore ‘pay-as-we-go’ which could ‘bite us in the bum’ at some point but we’re happy to live with that risk. Sorry that I can’t be of more help but I’m off now to start a campaign to see if I will be allowed to spend those savings on a motorbike! (I hadn’t known about this until you asked this question – thank you!). Regards, Roy


      • Hi – thanks for your reply which was what I had expected. We too used to work on the same principle but then got talked into going with insurance. Now I reckon we’ll revert back, as it’s only been for less than a year. Our next decision is whether or not to get an iBoost. Have you got the omni directional version or the cheaper one & would you say you’re delighted with it or can we exist on the availability of 3G & campsite internet. My feelings are that I don’t want to be disappointed but equally I don’t want to wish I had got one before we left the UK. I’m so enjoying reading other blogs, especially We hit the tunnel on Mon 30th March. I can’t wait.


      • Hi Jane, sorry, not had WiFi for a few days – we are definitely fans of iBoost – we had the omni-directional set-up that cost about £250 (actual amount is in the ‘set-up £’s’ page) – it has been useful in 2 ways – firstly when a site gives you a WiFi id and password that can only be used on one device – we feed that id/password into the iBoost and use all 3 of our devices from it via the iBoost router – one site wanted €2 a day for WiFi or €30 for 30 days (which we chose as we were staying for a month) and that price was for each laptop/tablet/whatever – we paid the €30 and fed it through the iBoost and ran my PC plus 2 tablets from it for the 30 days, saving us €60.
        Secondly, we have been on quite a few sites where we either couldn’t pick up the signal or it was weak and, again, we used iBoost to get decent internet – we stream video via iTunes (will change to NetFlix or WatchUkTVAnywhere next year) On my PC, I have used 60GB of data in the last two months!!! – mostly due to that streaming.
        If you buy a sim for a MiFi (we have 2 of those) you only get 2GB a month for something like €15 so that’s a no-go/waste of time. Also the ‘3’ contract that we have in the UK can be used in France but not in Spain and there’s a 60 day overseas limit on it. I understand that ‘3’ will be available in Spain from April but that 60 day limit is a deal killer, hence the answer, for us, for now, is to use site WiFi and iBoost.
        You could spec your own version of iBoost for a lot less money but the package and support with iBoost is worth having – once you get to know the software it’s easy to set up and control your WiFi connection(s).
        We will be back in the UK just as you’re leaving!


    • Hi guys. Since Google advised we’d had Jo’burg, SA visitors to our email accounts over a week ago we decided to open new accounts and PW’s which l believe l emailed you about. Google now have a complicated 2 stage security systen which was supposed to be optional but shuts down your account if not taken. Some option. Anyway, after week of relying on the iOS8 iPad, which was mysteriously not affected, we’re now up and running with all 3 old accounts and 3 new ones on the laptop. The 3 old accounts will be cancelled once we quite sure no-one is using them any more. The changes also knackered both of our Blackberry phones email accounts which necessitated a factory restore, so you can imagine, we’re all ‘deviced’ out by now, if that’s a word.

      Great blog and pics as usual, and especially re. the pooches. As you know, we did almost 12 consecutive years full time RVing around the world through 34 countries 1988-1999 and several times we’d been tempted to rescue some poor 4 legged soul along the way but eventually didn’t until we finally settled in Spain. We’ve had 10 year old Bingo for 9 years and 7 year old Pachie for 6 years and couldn’t possibly imagine a day waking without being face-washed with a thousand kisses every single morning, hence our next camper will be modest in size and only used for 2-3-4 week excursions around the UK and Europe. We’re planning on visiting Spain for 5-6 weeks in March. Still got 7 properties in various states of undress to sort out and sell if possible but with the Euro dropping the way it has, thanks to Greece’s latest shinannigans, even if we did get a modest price for them the exchange rate back to Sterling will be prohibitive so maybe they can sit a while longer.

      All’s well here in the UK for the moment. The doggies are loving the cooler temps than pre-2012 living in Spain, Marie’s much improves day by day. Emma goes for her 2nd Chemo Wednesday next week but so far quite upbeat. Bill said he was taking her away to Cornwall for a long weekend but as an aside, when they arrived there was a new full size Range Rover waiting at the dealers for her. Hers is 4 years old and only 60,000 miles so despite there being a lead time for new ones Bill would have got a great price for her old one.


      • Hi J&M, saw this and your other messages! You’re thinking that they’re not getting through but they are! We haven’t had WiFi for a while (‘wild’/’free’ camping plus naff sites without WiFi or good site with naff WiFi!) – most sites are decent on WiFi though – providing you’re happy to use the service outside of the evening hours or are happy to wait 10 minutes for every page to to ‘paint’. Still, all is good here in Peniscola – we have good WiFi!!!

        You will be returning to your Spanish home just as we’re coming back to the UK – we will be in France during March and then back for Holly arriving from Canada.

        We have seen a lot of unsold new builds down here and a lot of abandoned build projects, so I would think that it will take some time to shift that lot. We’ve also seen that they’re talking the market up this year – maybe due to that favourable exchange rate. I hope it brings something that helps you to move forward with your properties.

        Have you got a MoHo lined up? Seen a lot of old Hymers down here, buy one for £10K-£15K, pimp it out and it should do a good job for a few years. We’re tempted! We could pay for quite a few winters down here with the leftover change!


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