It’s a dogs life

Monday 15th December 2014

We will be in Motril until 2nd January and we then have to make a decision: either head up the east coast of Spain or to return to Portugal and head up the Atlantic coast. We shall see.

One thing that we do know is that we need to be back in the UK before the MOT on Twernt expires on August 6th.

Some of our plan dependencies have fallen by the wayside in recent weeks and the MOT has become the key date dictating our ‘must be in the UK by date’. We shall see.

Readers from the early days of Twernt blogs may recall that I was waiting for a referral date for a prostate related checkout – having registered a PSA count of 11.1 and anything over 10 is an automatic GP referral to Urology.

About one week before we left the UK I requested a repeat blood test as I felt that the test requiring my GP to ‘auto-refer’ me was based on a sample taken that ‘broke the rules’ (having read on an American website that the PSA test should be taken when relaxed for at least 24 hours prior to the reverse injection being done).

In brief, I had then been led to believe that I would not get a referral date until January/February ’15 and maybe later – it came through for 21st November ’14!

I requested a postponement until March ’15 and asked that they consider this. They did, and the consultant then informed me that, as my last PSA count had registered 9.1, it was OK to CANCEL the referral appointment.

He advised that I get re-tested upon my return to the UK and only be referred if that PSA count exceeds 10.

Happy days, off the hook, let the good times roll (I don’t expect that next PSA count to exceed 10 as I have learnt to manage what they originally diagnosed as Prostatitus – spell check doesn’t recognise that word and suggests ‘prostitute’!).

The only other consideration for an early return will be if we decide to change our set-up or if acquiring secondary transport is likely to take some time.

We shall see – but we are thinking of spending just a few weeks back in England next year before we return to mainland Europe. We shall see.

Maybe I should have used ‘We shall see’ for the blog title!

Meanwhile back to more snapshots from our busy winter life here at Playa Granada.

The daily view from Twernt’s offside lounge window


Today, we awoke to the rumble of heavy machinery and sawing. This cherry picker was on site to prune the trees and they were doing some heavy lopping off of the upper branches – hang on – they’re stacking the once life-giving branches on the vacant pitch lots


I don’t believe it! – the pitch to the rear of Twernt is now full of discarded branches. That probably doesn’t mean a lot to you but I HAVE to reverse Twernt into that pitch to stand any chance of exiting this campsite – Will they clear it by 2nd January? Camping Playa del Poniente is the other side of that fence and I may have a belated Christmas gift for them – to be delivered overnight on New Years Day.

Meanwhile a German newcomer (to Camping Playa Granada) arrives with his RMB MoHo, this could be interesting (it always is when large MoHo’s arrive on this site!) – He’s an old chap as well, probably about 93

I wanted to shout ‘dieser Baum in der Nähe’ but by the time I’d Googled it the danger had passed (plus the 93 year old occupant was sitting supping his coffee – ‘Whiffy’ is SLOW here, you can almost count (& smell!) the bytes as they fly through the air)

That’s right, drive your large RMB MoHo in, drive around the park avenues and then leave – he only did it to show that a 93-year-old German can still handle a tank

And then he started reversing….. he’s now parked on the sunny side of Avenue 2. Very friendly couple with a pooch, ‘frohe weihnachten Dude’ – had time to Google that!

Once outside of our camping we discovered that the local ‘Banksie’ had been hard at work producing this veritable work of art – pity I didn’t see him, I could have told him that it’s crap

Another picture for Coola – the foreground is next to the beach bar where we have seen a MoHo stopping over – decent view and front-line for a tsunami – did you know that Portugal had Europe’s worst ever earthquake/Tsunami back in 1755. The Azores-Gibraltor fault line produced that bad boy, it lasted 10 minutes, was felt in Italy, France, Africa and, some say, even in the Caribbean. Some also say that it’s due/overdue – still want this parking space Coola?

A typical view as we approach the beach – well, OK, inasmuch as the sea, sand, grass and Palms are always there. The others made it look like a busy day down here, I’m not sure we want this kind of overcrowding, I think I’ll report it to Mr. Farage

That’s more like it…..


1017 (1)

Another ferryload seeking the extra 2°c to 3°c being offered in Morocco – will Twernt fit in that thing?

Amanda says that i shouldn’t include these ‘moody’ pictures that are taken into the sun but they’re my favourites…… and it’s almost Christmas!

Same boat as he exits the suns moody influence on my camera

Crikey O’Riley, it is getting busy today. This chap is English!

….. and how did we know that? – well, he ‘buzzed’ us and shouted “Did you get that?” so he’d obviously seen the camera aimed at him – actually the real close-up pictures were rubbish, if your’re reading this Buzz-Boy, how about a repeat ‘fly-by’ on, say, Christmas morning at 10:00am?


Man and dogs survey their surroundings

The Med is a magnet to Tilley

No hippy hippy shake close to me when she comes ashore please!

Shakey’s thoughts are Twerntward bound but our crew is democratically based – so we voted and Shakey lost 3-1 – we stayed a whiles longer. When i say democratically – what I mean is that all decisons are made this way – except when it’s something that I want or don’t want to do – there are many different people living in my head and, quite fairly, they all get to vote as well (sometimes!).

Back to Twernt or more of this…….erm


OK, back to twernt – but look! – the site guys have cleared the branches from my much need reversing pitch – I’m thinking of putting a towel on this pitch – just in case……

The scene from many afternoons here at Camping Playa Granada – here we busy ourselves doing SFA – in the sun ….. in winter ……almost Christmas ….£9 or so per day ….. including EHU and ‘Whiffy’ …… of course we do have regrets about not being back in England … I’ll let you know what they are when I think of some….

As we busied ourselves with our afternoon occupations, Amanda saw this grasshopper on the matting next to her recliner. He/she obliged for the camera so I said to him “Grasshopper, will you walk with me?”, followed by “Grasshopper, don’t be afraid to be yourself, and never fear thus to be naked to the eyes of others. Yet, know that man so often masks himself. That what is simple is rarely understood. The dust of truth swirls, and seeks its own cracks of entry. And a tree falling in the forest, without ears to hear, makes no sound. Yet it falls” He replied “That’s why I’m here, those bloody geezers almost killed me with those falling branches this morning, twernt for this motorhome I’d be a gonna” – Not liking his slovenly use of the English language, I invited him to make a new home for himself under Twernt’s rear wheel. He signed a tenancy agreement until the 7th January – we leave on the 2nd.


He left a deposit as an act of good faith………

Ciao now, at least one more blog if not 2 before Christmas!!

16 thoughts on “It’s a dogs life

  1. Hi both. The blog is looking good. We are heading out towards Spain and Portugal on January departing Plymouth Roscoff. Getting back March 12th. This will then be our third 6 week tour in a year. Have you seen this for a useful site Hope to use it a lot apart from Sunday’s when I need to have wifi to do wages for a local pub. Keep in touch. Ali and Nick xxx


    • Thanks Ali & Nick, have just checked that site out and bookmarked it, looks very useful, thanks. At 3 tours in a year, you’re doing more tours than us! (we’re just doing one a year – for 52 weeks!). Hope we catch you somewhere on the road to say hello in person. Roy & Amanda xx


    • Haha – ‘Walk with me Coola’ – “The monkey reaches for the moon in the water, until death overtakes him he will never give up, if he would only let go the branch and disappear into the deep pool, the whole world would shine with dazzling clearness”
      You’re almost there! See you in the pool!


    • Ha-ha Maggie, what’s a vowel between Thetford friends! – Us – Is – at least I found out that I don’t have prostitutitis/prostitutitus – spell-checker tried to lay that on me! The jury is still out on January onwards, could stay here for ‘no Brits’ but I kinda like them – being one! Happy Christmas and New Year to you, The Smart One and Daisy


  2. Hi. really enjoying reading your blog. We just returned from our 4th 3month trip at the end of November and really can’t wait to get away again. We would love to rent our house out full time for a few years the only thing stopping us from travelling for longer is health insurance. We have annual insurance through Barclays at £8.50 a month then an extra £200 for an extended stay of 90 days (they don’t do longer). What do you do about insurance. Some people say they just use the European health insurance card but that worries me to just rely on that. Do you mind me asking what you do for health insurance?


    • Thanks Chris, yes, we only have the EHIC card, health insurance was too expensive with our history. We hope that it will be possible to drive Twernt back to the UK but that would depend on whatever it is that may befall one or the other of us. If we felt that it was serious and that we could get back in, say, a day or three, then that is what we would do. We have family who would fly out to drive Twernt home should that be necessary. We were also advised that we should visit under ’emergency’ for any required medical assistance as that is what is covered by EHIC. ‘My leg is bruised, but I can cope, please may I have an appointment to discuss’ will probably cost you – ‘Help, my leg is hurting and I can’t go on’ will/should get you treated under EHIC. At least that’s how I understand it. EHIC only is not ideal but many do it this way. Regards, Roy


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