It’s snowing!

Thursday 4th December 2014

StarStarStar Happy 24th Birthday to our youngest son William! StarStarStar


William aged almost 14 – Lands End September 2004 – Happy 24th son – see you tomorrow!

Birthday cake Mug Clock Aeroplane Island with a palm tree Plate Open-mouthed smile Thumbs up       Birthday cake Mug Clock Aeroplane Island with a palm tree Plate Open-mouthed smile Thumbs up       Birthday cake Mug Clock Aeroplane Island with a palm tree Plate Open-mouthed smile Thumbs up

Today is son William’s birthday, he doesn’t ‘do’ Facebook and we can rarely reach him on Skype so here’s hoping that he will notice this new blog being swiftly posted to arrive on his birthday.

Have a great day Will and we’re looking forward to seeing both you and Ed tomorrow. The weather is good here, only 4°c first thing this morning but the DeLonghi Bambino Speedwarm heater doesn’t take more than a few minutes to warm throughout Twernt.

Once the sun comes up, the temperature is quick to rise and we enjoyed a walk in 18°c along the promenade down to El Varadero, a small ‘offshoot’ of Motril and location of the ferry port.

Here’s a quick update of our day so far:

Before I post the pictures from our walk today, you may recall that I mentioned in yesterdays blog that I had some misgivings about the close proximity of trees on the Camping Playa Granada campsite – well there was a tree-related incident on site yesterday afternoon…….

As I was ‘working’ on posting the blog, I heard some raised voices to the front of Twernt – our silver screen was fitted so it wasn’t possible to see out – I went outside and saw a motorhome being directed OUT of a pitch diagonally opposite Twernt, this Dutch motorhome had arrived some 30 minutes before.

He had clearly decided to move from his initial pitch but was having difficulty avoiding contact with the front end of Twernt.

My interest became concern and, along with the German chap pitched opposite us (the ex-coach driver that helped us when we arrived), I helped to guide this ‘Joint’ branded motorhome until he was positioned correctly to drive down the avenue.

By now, some 7 or 8 other German campers had decided to witness the event – they had also done this when we arrived, I think it’s classed as a sporting activity on this campsite!

Anyroadup, ‘Joint’ was guided into the avenue without any mishaps.

We didn’t know what his intentions were, so our group of about 10 stood and watched as he drove down the avenue.

About 4 pitches beyond Twernt, he decided to hang a left into a pitch that is closer to the park entrance. By now he was about 30 yards down the avenue from his audience and we watched as he hung to the right of the avenue and turned sharply left into the pitch he had chosen.

He hadn’t taken into account the fact that his rear offside was now going to swing out to the right ……………. and it did, whacking into a tree as he turned.

Our entire group had realised his intentions as soon as he started to make his left turn and we all started shouting whilst starting to run down the avenue but to no avail – he thumped into the tree.

Tough titty, Dutch city, but I did feel for the guy and after offering commiserations I ran back to Twernt, grabbed the camera and recorded his ‘rashness’ for posterity.

So here is that picture, the damage doesn’t look too bad, new corner cap and new top light but that awning could prove expensive.

He then chose to not stay (can’t think why!) and drove on out of Camping Playa Granada, presumably to smoke his van. That’s one big ‘Joint’.


Ouch! this ‘Joint’ has definitely crashed out


Onwards with our day, today, Wednesday 4th December 2014 (Will’s birthday!)


Tilley on the walk along the promenade down to El Varadero, desperate to get a run on the beach, she continually jumped to look over at the beach – sorry Tilley on the return walk for sure, then we’re close to Twernt to sort out our sandy shoes



Not sure what is happening along this beach but there are a lot of trucks travelling along a temporary ‘beach track/road’ and they’re loading here and then travelling west to unload. There’s about one truck every minute on this ‘beach road’


Just beyond where they are working this ‘cut’ has been excavated, the sea does appear to be almost level with the land here, so maybe it’s some form of flood defence work taking place


Table tennis available on the promenade down to El Varadero


The promenade has walkways, cycle tracks and exercise areas (with exercise equipment)


A random person caught in the act using some of that exercise equipment – for the exercise freaks out there the technical term for this piece of equipment is a ‘sit on pedalling thingy’


Another random exercise freak – this time rehearsing steering in two directions at the same time – in readiness for his next holiday in Portugal


Same chap testing methods of how to escape through the roof of your car when the inevitable happens


as he pulls on the practice car roof, it lowers towards him – probably because he’s impaled right through the ass by some sort of white rod


Exercising 2014 style is done without the need to leave your handbag behind – looks happy though, probably because she knows she has my wallet in that handbag


“Yep, there’s his wallet poking out of the top of my handbag, should I break into a trot and get down to the shops – he is looking after both dogs”


Dogs in tow, I led them down to a food source – gulls gathering on the beach


Tarquin spends £300 a month on his gym membership in Knightsbridge and stares at a wall whilst exercising. Motorhomers use this ‘free for all’ exercise equipment area with a not too shabby view. Cheapskates, eh?


OK – here’s one especially for Coola and Corina: The far end of this area is fenced off – no through road – the entire area that you see in this picture is for parking. The sea is immediately on the right of this picture. The guys n gals sat on the wall are all driving school pupils and the instructors/cars park on the left. Coola – Corina – the coords are 36°43’22.37″N and 3°31’56.88″W – also see next picture…….


This is the motorhome parked in the area mentioned above, I spoke with the owner (pictured) and he told me that he has been here for 10 days – no problems.


This is El Varadero’s version of Coronation Street


and another ‘Coronation Street’


Either these folk were practising synchronised arm movements or there was a porg hidden from my view


The beach bar opposite Camping Playa Granada


“Look, it’s snowing in England!”

Happy birthday Will – see you tomorrow…………………………..

8 thoughts on “It’s snowing!

    • This does seem to be a bit of a ‘delicate’ area – we now target campsites with WiFi (Whiffy in Spanish!) and we then use Youtube to which various folk upload the soaps, drama’s and some movies. Corrie is usually on there within 1 hour of ending in the UK but sometimes these uploads to Youtube do get removed – probably as a result of a complaint from the TV company – but there’s almost always 3 or 4 ‘posters’ to Youtube and not all disappear. I think some folk get a new Youtube account and continue uploading. Suffice it to say that we haven’t missed an episode yet since we started using Youtube at Cabanas!


    • Your Ma said that readers wouldn’t know what Porg refers to….(think it was in John Cleese in ‘Time Bandits’; now you have Porgs, Uber-Porgs and Ginger-Porgs, ranking in that order!).

      Since posting about those outdoor exercise machines, I am now informed that they exist everywhere, even in Shepshed Park! – I’ll take these that overlook the Med though – when I say ‘take’ I actually mean take a picture not ‘take’ take (unless they have some useful MoHo spare parts on them!).


    • Thanks for taking the time to read my random ramblings from this trip Graham – I have some good pics of sunrise this morning and will try to get them published today. Cheers, Roy


    • We’re following you around France as well Sandra, we’re plotting places from your blog for when we spend more time there – thank you!

      Have fun and enjoy every day.


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