A short YouTube video from today – Sunday 30 November 2014

A short camera video taken less than 2 hours ago here at:

Finca de la Piedra,

Villafranco Del Guadalhorce,

Andalucia (N  36’42.693 – W 004’41.560)

Sunday 30 November 2014


The ‘wind’ noise in the video is entirely due to the inability of the amateur operator (me!) to control the very low signal to noise ratio when the camera/video microphone travels in a given direction at a speed that apparently combines to produce a ‘wind’ noise that does not, in reality, exist.

Had you been here you could perhaps 1) Have understood this and 2) Have testified to the non-existence of said ‘wind’.

Of course, you could be here – the coordinates are listed above!

Here is my short video, taken just over 2 hours ago:


6 thoughts on “A short YouTube video from today – Sunday 30 November 2014

    • lol, puzzled from Cornwall! I think that I’ve fixed it – it was ‘public’ but I hadn’t confirmed that it had never appeared before on american TV. I am a novice with this youtube stuff! (and it shows!).


    • I’m not very good at this video lark but can see that with the addition of a tripod, a decent vid-cam, a bit (lot) of training plus a production team this could be the way forward….. on second thoughts I think you’ll just have to put up with the crap visions that come out when I press the button on the Lumix! – I have JUST put out version 3 of the video after releasing 2 versions that I put through the youtube editor and we then decided that the original version, with shakes and wobbles, was better quality.


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