Happy Birthday AJ

Friday 21st November 2014


This was our last day at Camping Ria Formosa, we had been restricted to the local area during our stay and our itchy feet had become raging inferno’s.

We would have been penalised on the €daily rate had we left before the 30 day minimum stay that is required for that rate, shorter stays and that rate zooms to double+

In the event we then held on for a couple of extra days as we planned to risk eating out again locally on day 31 – Amanda’s birthday – we had avoided the local restaurants after our first local experience but what better time to risk eating out again than on Amanda’s birthday – salmonella as a birthday gift has to be a unique present!

Knowing that we would be moving on the next morning, Amanda had spent a lot of time checking out Aires to visit en-route to Cabo Trafalgar.

Cabo Trafalgar would be a one-night stop-over en-route to Finca de la Piedra in the Andalucian mountains.

To get over to Cadiz and the coast road south through Estepona and Marbella we needed to head up to Seville – Cabo Trafalgar is south of Cadiz on the coastal road to Algeciras.

Seville was about half-distance from Cabanas to Cabo Trafalgar and with Seville being some 100 miles we felt that would be a good place for a one-night stop-over. Amanda did her homework and chose an Aire at Puerto Gelves on the outskirts of Seville.

With planning ‘in the bag’, we set off for the Cabanas sea-front where numerous restaurants exist on the road running alongside the excellent boardwalk. From the boardwalk a ferry service is available over to an island (Ilha de Cabanas), which is a part of Ria Formosa Nature Park, on the far side of this island lies a fabulous beach

Having whetted your appetite with that beach thought, it wasn’t where we were heading!

One of the restaurants near the boardwalk was our destination for Amanda’s birthday lunch………


A smooth section of the cycle path leading down to the front from our camping – this picture was taken looking back in the direction of our camping and the new apartment development can be seen in the background. ‘Potholes’ exist along much of this cycle path


Some of the vessels quayside close to the beach-huts that are used by the fishing fraternity ((Ilha de Cabanas in the background)


…..more of the same

Ilha de Cabanas, the ferry drop-off point

Celebrating Amanda’s birthday we lunched at the most expensive restaurant on the front (having talked AJ into a lunchtime meal instead of the more expensive evening menu – whoops, she will read this!)


A steady start with just a few glasses of the light-headed stuff


A few ancient jokes and a few more glasses of vino – the girl has no chance!


….and very soon AJ was pootled!


So much so that she was in tears at some of my jokes – not publishing them here though!


Maintaining a steady keel was the order of the day for bloggerlugs and this cig break had been earned


Doesn’t look as though AJ is pootled, but her words at this moment were “Oooh, look Roy, the water has a lovely ripply pattern, pretty ain’t it” – I looked and it looked the same as every other visit that we’d made here over the last 30+ days. I tried,  but I couldn’t recall anyone ever saying that the path to enlightenment is found in stating the bleating obvious. Happy Birthday AJ , keep treading the boards


Street scene from the walk back to camping


….and, with designs on Tilley (and Shakey!), this little chap followed us for over half a mile back to Twernt – I called him ‘King’ ……………Leave please!…………

The rest of the day was spent in a haze of testing Twernt’s various systems, some more than others, and by nightfall we were ready to roll again …….YES!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday AJ

    • Haha! Now you don’t have to wait because I published an hour or so ago, only just getting around to answering comments though – and yes, you might be in it – checked your hab door out yet!


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