Cabanas: Camping Ria Formosa – 4. Bricks and Mortar – November 2014

October/November 2014

More from our stay at Camping Ria Formosa  located just outside Cabanas de Tavira.

We stayed here for 32 nights during October/November 2014.

This is one of 4 blog posts from our stay here which gave us some time to consider various ways of living this winter escape to the sun lifestyle.

The 4 blogs are:

1. A brief view of Camping Ria Formosa and Static options

2. A brief view of Solo MoHo’s

3. A brief view of Moho+Toad – Caravan/Tow Vehicle

4.  A brief view of Bricks & Mortar options

These are pictures of the area around camping Ria Formosa only, a golf course exits a few hundred yards away, included here against the backdrop of Camping Ria Formosa options as they are a nearby solution to being in this area – there are masses of other opportunities for a bricks and mortar solution to wintering in Portugal/Spain and everywhere we’ve been ‘Se vende’ signs abound. Best advice we had was to approach the local banks directly for the properties they are attempting to divest themselves of. How long will that last for though?


Typical ‘in-development’ pathway finishes


…and again


A nearby apartment block


The local golf course – one of five in the Tavira area – one of one that we were asked to leave due to having dogs!


The pond hedging the green and the reason that we were asked to leave!


Steps around the local church


The underpass and walkway to towards shopping – there is a road above this on the right and another road above this underpass to the left that leads to Camping Ria Formosa – don’t use this in your MoHo unless owning a convertible MoHo is high on your list!


The two decently surfaced road merge ahead of the underpass road and new arrivals will need to make a sharp left into the road leading to Camping Ria Formosa – there’s plenty of space to do this


On the right side of the top of the underpass road is a new development – including areas not yet developed (ideal for dog walkies!)


Shops and sales office at the centre of this development


A Portiguese attempt to challenge the Minack Theatre? Buskers steer clear – the entire development had about 3 occupants that we saw and there are 100+ apartments


The obligatory pool at this development


And contact details for anyone keen to own a slice of the Cabanas pie – haven’t checked the website out but apartments on Murcia golf resorts start at around €60K – while stock lasts (that’ll be a while then?)


2 thoughts on “Cabanas: Camping Ria Formosa – 4. Bricks and Mortar – November 2014

  1. Lots of options in your last three posts !! It’s amazing at just how many come prepared for the long stay option with full awnings plus extra kitchen tent containing, hanging larders, gas or electric hobs, full size domestic fridges and of course the cars, quad bikes and/or scooters/Motorbikes. On this site in Agadir we have seen external sinks plumbed in and Grey waste outlets being installed from van to waste drain. Think we will stick with our set up, it gives us the freedom to move around more easily but still have the long stay possibility without carting around all the paraphanalia that some of this lot have 😄


    • And we saw a lot of that as well! OK, maybe not external plumbed in sinks (bring your own plumber!) but a lot of outdoor set-ups with a second full-blown cooking set-up – both caravans and MoHo’s.

      Your statement ‘freedom to move around more easily’ is bang on for all who like to ‘keep on truckin’ – new vistas, new experiences everywhere and if we came down to Portugal and Spain there’s enough to find ‘new’ every few days, or every week or so’ for the next 10 years! And then there’s France, Germany, Italy and beyond.

      Eric, we needed to start doing this when we were 25, even then we would need to live until we’re 200 – and that’s just for the EU!

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