Cabanas: Camping Ria Formosa – 3. Moho+Toad – Caravan/Tow Vehicle – November 2014

October/November 2014

More from our stay at Camping Ria Formosa  located just outside Cabanas de Tavira.

We stayed here for 32 nights during October/November 2014.

This is one of 4 blog posts from our stay here which gave us some time to consider various ways of living this winter escape to the sun lifestyle.

The 4 blogs are:

1. A brief view of Camping Ria Formosa and Static options

2. A brief view of Solo MoHo’s

3. A brief view of Moho+Toad – Caravan/Tow Vehicle

4.  A brief view of Bricks & Mortar options

These are pictures of Tow vehicles with caravans and MoHo’s pulling Toads.


This is John & Elaine Newman – really enjoyed chatting to John a few times and also meeting Elaine and thanks both for allowing me to take this picture inside your beautiful RV. With my own history as a long time biker it was great to meet John who had Barry Sheene working for him before Barry’s racing career took off – John & Elaine have done many things and lived in some of the top places in Europe, they now live on the Isle of Wight and winter here at Camping Ria Formosa in their American Beaver Patriot



This is John & Elaine Newman’s Beavor Patriot which I published a picture of in a previous blog saying that I thought that it was a bus conversion – shows what a newbie I am! This is a 37′ (that is LONG!) RV with a Caterpillar 365 diesel engine and returns 12mpg. Spacious and stunning inside John & Elaine have a Smart car toad making up their MoHo outfit



Another luxury MoHo on site is this S-Line Carthago and the tow bar gives a clue that …….


a Toad is close behind, in this case it’s a Peugeot convertible


I think that I’ve also included this one previously – here is a different shot of a MoHo/Smart car set-up


Another MoHo/Toad set-up


An English AutoSleeper/Toad – so many down here have this black pitch layover – another thing for the wish list


MoHo with a trailer that holds the Quad bike, no dog solution though – Shakey did sustain an injury whilst being carted in our cycle DoggyRide trailer over some rough terrain on a cycle path so we’re leaning towards keeping them with us (or rather Amanda as I’m driving), they have to be restrained to the extent that they cannot interfere with the driver at any time – we use a harness that attaches to the seat belt and a dog collar. Our DoggyRide trailer was cushioned out but we believe that Shakey was ‘thrown’ around when we hit one of the numerous potholes on the cycle track – Portuguese cycle tracks mirror their roads really!


Well, I have to close the MoHo/Toad pictures with the ultimate (or close to it) – 2 Swedish couples visited the site in their almost identical Morelo MoHo’s – these beasts cost around £300K


Both are Morelo Sun Palace models – there are tall MoHo’s and there are Morelo’s – they are TALL. Very imposing.


Spot the hinges just over half way up the rear…………


….because this is what that rear garage contains and the ‘Moralo’ logo on the Fiat 500 is a clue that these cars are supplied with the MoHo


Pitched up, the robot has fixed the drinks – only one thing left to do – lord it over everyone else on the campsite


The second Morelo had a Toyota logo’d car. Who wouldn’t want this set-up? I’m gonna start saving and it’ll be mine when I’m 195! Travelling in style – well, at least I own the picture of it!


Back on Planet Earth, another set-up that I’ve blogged before – A Bailey caravan and a Landrover Disco – there are many positives but always the loss of the use of aires and wildcamping. But you do get the chance to explore more whilst still having a very comfortable base



Our Finnish neighbours rig, a leathered out caravan towed by a beast of a van


4wd set-up – home for the winter but moving on every month or so shouldn’t be a big deal


Another neat Brit set-up


The best of both worlds – caravan set-up and a campervan – many sites will let you ‘store’ a caravan down here, which you could do for a couple of weeks here and there – costs just €1 a night to store your caravan whilst you take off in the campervan for aires, wildcamping, etc. Also a good day vehicle with on-board facilities – need more luxury? – stow the caravan at €1/day and rent an apartment or villa from €300 upwards depending on how much luxury/what views you desire. Flexibilty is the word (except when applied to my body!)


VW 4WD and caravan set-up pitched next to one of the Morelo’s – gives some perspective to just how big those Morelo’s are! Never park next to one though as they will cut out all light from your camping residence


I asked the owner of this St. Bernard where he slept at night, he replied “Anywhere he wants!”


5 thoughts on “Cabanas: Camping Ria Formosa – 3. Moho+Toad – Caravan/Tow Vehicle – November 2014

    • They were a mixture John – using A-Frames can be a bit ‘iffy’ law-wise and trailers come in all guises – flat-bed using ramps to load/unload, tilting, single axle, twin axle, etc. I think there is something in the EU about needing to have a twin axled trailer when towing a car – that’s probably the safest option but not necessarily the best when it comes to moving it around on site. Never straight forward is it!


  1. nice pictures interesting reading , gives us some insights for planning next year , only problem we encountered in france , is they are starting to turn away any tag axles including caravans , I know as we were told on 2 sites in august , even though we had booked in


    • Hi David, interesting – will watch out for that. We didn’t have any problems in France in September.
      It looks like we need to mention that we’re tag when booking – not good arriving, looking foward to a cuppa and then finding yourself back at square one.
      Cheers, Roy


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