Cabanas: Camping Ria Formosa – 2. Solo MoHo’s – November 2014

October/November 2014

More from our stay at Camping Ria Formosa  located just outside Cabanas de Tavira.

We stayed here for 32 nights during October/November 2014.

This is one of 4 blog posts from our stay here which gave us some time to consider various ways of living this winter escape to the sun lifestyle.

The 4 blogs are:

1. A brief view of Camping Ria Formosa and Static options

2. A brief view of Solo MoHo’s

3. A brief view of Moho+Toad – Caravan/Tow Vehicle

4.  A brief view of Bricks & Mortar options

These are pictures of solo MoHo’s taken during our stay at this camping.


Concorde Charisma – one location winter stay, renting a car – saw car rentals from Faro @ €130 for 2 weeks – car can be delivered/collected to/from the camping site – Car rental from the camping office contact was €130 a week – cheaper deals a la Espana may exist (end-of-line rental cars @€4/day)


Shorter MoHo but no dog solution, cycles + moped/scooter and this is the best set-up if you don’t need to haul dogs around – internal layout can work without 2 separate living spaces depending on a number of other factors e.g. a couple that go to bed at the same time, rise at the same time – we don’t! Quick erect outdoor day tent could help as the weather is mostly OK for that, fleeces on at times though!


AutoTrail made a lot of these Merc based MoHo’s back in the day, quite a few still around from £5K-£10K


Note to self – get our outdoor kit sorted out!


Big garage, outdoor sorted, add a toad and Twernt’s days are numbered!


Another neat set-up


A new-ish Hobby, travel hassle-free but enough internal space?


Wow, somebody has good taste!


Neat but needs a toad (for us)


These AutoTrail’s are popular!


Here’s another man with good taste – Graham Ford with his AutoTrail Comanche. Graham & his wife, Diane, are spending their 2nd winter here at Camping Ria Formosa. Diane declined to be in the picture a she was still in her jammies, and often is whilst mooching in and around their MoHo until late morning – Can’t do that in England at this time of year!


The ‘travelling’ home of a couple that have a mobile home on this site


This ‘All-in-one’ solution has great appeal but is it really an ‘All-in-a-half’ solution? Maybe not.

4 thoughts on “Cabanas: Camping Ria Formosa – 2. Solo MoHo’s – November 2014

  1. Hiya guys – liking the Bessacarr, is it on GB plates?

    Hmmm, what a quandary you’re faced with. Me (us) would probably go for the t/a caravan + 4×4 (Santa Fe type) option if we were to be one place for more than say 2 weeks at a time. It’s something we’ve considered going back to but hopefully not for a while. Like you, the dog/s are the issue as it’s always going to a compromise with pets on board. If we didn’t have the dog, then it might well be MH + scooter. Caravan can also give you payload issues as a lot of gear will have to be carried in the car and then stowed in the awning – not ideal by a long shot.

    To us, MH’s are more solid than a caravan and less overall length. Our Santa Fe + t/a caravan came in at 43′!! To me, MH + Trailer = reversing issues, more so if using the dreaded A-frame.

    Perfect solution could be a MH with the car inside, bit like the top of the range Carthago offerings but do you still get the storage and payload? Then there’s the outlay and cost, hmmmmm. (double hmmmm)

    Best of luck with your future choice.


    • Hi Paul & Jill – yes, as far as I remember the Bessacar was a Brit – there are a lot of Brits at Camping Ria Formosa.

      Number one choice (with dogs) would be a MoHo with car inside (like the Morelo) but they’re way too expensive for us! It’s also the ‘idea and dream’ of wilding and aires that make us want to stay with a MoHo.

      We have already seen places like Portimao where it isn’t a problem to arrive carting a toad – plenty of room to not require any reversing – so it’s a case of building up a library of stopovers that are like that. Some others, like Honfleur and Biarritz are aires where I would never dream of taking a carted toad in to. No problems at any of the campsites that we’ve visited – worst case means unloading the toad before pitching your MoHo.

      We’re hanging fire on making any decision until we complete this tour – our present life in a luxury villa isn’t too shabby! Cheers now, Roy


  2. I suppose in many ways the idea of having a car with a mororhome defeats the whole object of motorhoming i.e. walking and biking to keep fit and exercise etc. Do you think it’s a case of if you want to tow a car then why not have a caravan, this seems more logical. But I do see the point that if you are ‘long stay’ on a site as many motorhomers are throughout the winter in Spain and Portugal enjoying the best climate in Europe then probably it’s a good idea. But for instance at Ria Formosa where we stayed for five weeks you are very close to the railway station and from there we travelled up and down the Algarve, sometimes for free because there was no ticket collector on the train and wherever we got off the train there was never anybody to check tickets. If you travel in France and stay on the aires most of them are in towns or villages so it’s not a problem to visit shops/supermarkets/restaurants etc. Probably the best idea (and many people seem do this) is to hire a car which as you mention is very inexpensive certainly compared to the U.K. as and when you require it, as you have said probably cheaper than towing a car there. Then there is the ‘A’ frame issue, still legal in the U.K. but illegal in Spain and Portugal, so to stay legal you have to tow with a trailer which is a lot more cumbersome than towing with an ‘A’ frame. I have seen people on French Aires taking up three spaces with a motorhome, car and trailer, which is just not fair to fellow motorhomers particularly as often there is not a lot of room. In the end it’s very much a personal thing, I think the essence of motorhoming is to keep moving but if you are on the road for long periods then from time to time you need to have a break and ‘rest up’ somewhere, after all you cannot keep moving all the time, so perhaps the hire car idea is the best alternative. Hope that you are enjoying your Christmas.

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    • I did start out thinking that if you tow a car then you should have a caravan but I am changing my view on that because of the dogs and because more is available to you with a MoHo than with a caravan but once you consider the cost side then the balance swings in favour of a caravan (for us). We didn’t attempt the train or buses because we were told that ‘inspectors’ could take us to task over the dogs and it can get a bit ‘heated’, add the language problem and it was a hassle we didn’t need but I never knew that it was as you said so the risk may be worth it.
      It’s also that we want to use a base for a while, not really for month-long stays though, maybe 7-10 days max. We could then explore all around us for a good few miles – not something that our MoHo is suited to plus it’s good to have a basecamp whilst exploring around before moving on 50 miles or so – we have missed a lot.
      Agree on towing and inconsiderate use of aires, there are some ‘no-no’ aires but also some do exist that can easily take a MoHo+Toad. Just need to build up a ‘library’ of them.
      Not sure how we’ll fix it yet, we’ll see how we feel when we get back to the UK. Christmas has been good, this villa is …. spoiling us! Hope your Christmas has been good too and we hope that you have a Happy New Year Graham.

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