I don’t believe it – Margaret, they’ve got new Blogging Pages now….

We have rationalised our ‘blogging’ regime to enable us to publish ‘Twernt on Tour’ information faster than previously.


Our new regime is in 2 parts – firstly, this ‘Twernt on Tour’ wordpress website which displays a ‘Live Map’ showing our current location plus a ‘Sites’ page displaying info on campsites that we have visited, an ‘About’ page, a ‘Twernt’ page about our Autotrail Chieftain motorhome, a ‘Set-up Costs’ page, a ‘Running Costs’ page and, finally, a ‘Twernt MPG Analysis’ page.
The second ‘website’ is our ‘Twernt on Tour’ FaceBook page with pictures and ‘blog’ from our current travels.


To follow us:

1. ‘Twernt on Tour’ wordpress website – this website!
To get email updates when the map/pages are updated please click on the ‘Follow’ button and enter your email address – wordpress will then send you an email but you do then need to press the ‘confirm’ button in that email.



2. Twernt on Tour Facebook page
Please click on the ‘Follow’ button on the FB page – our updates will then be streamed to your Facebook.

Twernt on Tour

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