Kicking back in Cabanas

Tuesday 21st October 2014 to Saturday 25th October 2014


Picture taken shortly after we arrived at Camping Ria Formosa, Cabanas – our new neighbour is Swedish with a Carthago tag, very nice.


and just across from us a Concorde motorhome owned by a German couple who, along with their neighbours (S class twin wheel Hymer) are occupying 4 spaces, their cars, a Smart car and a Clio are absent in this picture…..those Concordes are very tasty but £175.0K? Hmmmmmm!


Across the road and to the left of us, a ‘show’ mobile, the spaces we are on will be taken by these mobiles once the sales roll in…..shame


On the next level down and behind us, a UK coach conversion, one for Coola – Got your tyre protectors yet Coola?


One further level down is this ‘special’ being towed by a tractor, perfect vehicle for Portuguese roads


On site Bar/Restaurant/Take-away – €4.50 for a take away meal, that’s about £3.66…x 2 plus vino @ £1.02, that’s enough change from a tenner to…erm……buy another bottle of wine and a bag of mintoes


On-site Super Mercado – Buy your Mintoes here, except they don’t have any but there is an English shop just around the corner……



Layby seen here on the right could take 3 or 4 motorhomes. The campsite is just around the top corner and has ‘state-of-the-art’ WiFi, open network (no password). This is giving Coola ideas…….

Tiled houses – don’t forget to pack your Cillit-Bang


We love Cabanas – the sea front, masses of restaurants, the road, a long boardwalk, a lagoon stretching over to an island that has a fabulous beach on the far side…………and not too many people around……Harry Redknapp has a gaff here


Amanda on the boardwalk that was installed about 8 years ago


The boardwalk overlooking the lagoon with the island across the way… the ferry is €2.50 return… that’s £2.00


Another picture at the far end of the boardwalk

100 yards beyond the end of the boardwalk is Forte De Sao Joao Da Barra – well worth a look at it is now a guesthouse. Some good pics of Cabanas de Tavira on this website

10 thoughts on “Kicking back in Cabanas

    • We like it so much here that we’re staying a while – broken our ‘rules of adventure’ but happy to do that; why risk swopping excellence for what could be mediocrity? I hear you’re starting a zoo……again!


  1. Hi Roy and Amanda from Paul & Jill.
    How dare you stay in one place for more than a few days lol!!!!
    Loving the comment “why risk swopping excellence for what could be mediocrity? ” So very, very true and probably explains why we haven’t got out of Shropshire yet. Been here for 3 weeks and now Ken the Kontiki is at the hospital having some external delamination issues sorted. Having to spend a week with Paul’s mom – really missing Ken already.
    Pleased to see you’ve caught up with the blog entries and diary. Great read, keep ’em coming. Hope to meet up when you’re back in GB, that is if you ever return.
    Take care and enjoy.


    • Hi Paul & Jill,
      I know! quite a few of our ‘intentions’ have fallen by the wayside.
      We want to test if we can stay put in one place – may change how we do things in the future, but, so far, ‘itchy feet’ are winning out – a car in tow would be better than bikes though (pain to unload/load). We’re thinking a scooter if it was just the two of us, but, with dogs, a car is needed.
      Hope Ken gets sorted without too many spondulicks disappearing – it can be good to know which things are definitely good and therefore don’t prey on your mind along with all the other ‘what if’s’.
      BREAKING NEWS here….had an email today from my consultant at the hospital – they had set my prostate appointment for November 21st, much earlier than expected – I requested a delay until March.
      Well, they’ve reviewed my case notes and, because I REQUESTED a final blood test/PSA count just before we came out, and, because that PSA count had dropped to 9.1, the consultant has said that I don’t need to go ahead with hospital visits, etc.
      He said I just need to get a PSA count done when we return and then only bother getting a hospital referral if that count is over 10………………….all of this means that we don’t now need to be back in March (!!!!-RESULT-!!!!) so we may well swing by Italy/Tuscany and return to the UK later in the summer (maybe just for Twernt MOT stuff).
      I was so pleased today that I treated Amanda to a very greasy chicken and chips from the on-site take-away! Saved her cooking and saved me from her cooking! (joke!!, she’s a good cook).
      Cheers now, Roy & Amanda


  2. Hello you two :0) Yes, we are back into civilisation (Silves) with some iffy Wiffy (WiFi) !!!! Tried to send a comment earlier but it has somehow disappeared into the ether !! Check your Skype account !!!!! Your location looks wonderful, as does that lay-by outside :0) May utilise it one of these days :0) if you get on to Skype and add me to your list then at least we can keep in touch a bit better :0) No! Roy, not after the next paragraph of your next blog post, do it now !! Please :0)


  3. We were out there when they were constructing Boardwalk and laying new roads was booked in for a month at ria Formosa should have left really it was realy bad at the front dust and road closures. But at 280 euros for the month we stuck it out …have you stayed at Lagos .thats one to do ..


    • 350 euros a month now but that seems to be the norm, I imagine they are now busier in the summer months – the Boardwalk does ‘make’ the front. Lagos is on the cards if we do go back to Portugal along with Alvor and Sagres. Not a fan of the roads over there though.


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