Friday 10th October 2014 to Tuesday 21st October 2014

Can you believe this? One chap, drove onto the aire at Albufeira, parked in this spot, decided he didn’t like the pitch and then ran over this kerbstone as he left to go to another pitch. I can tell you that he was driving an AutoTrail motorhome………………………………………………………….. luckily, no damage to my tyres/wheels!


BigMomma: Shazza is baking, Eric is outside in his lounger being baked.


Aire Life: note the neighbouring vacant pitch, the rain clouds are gathering

Pony feeling rejected after not being offered any Lemon Drizzle cake

Same pony, Twernt’s roof below, feeling further rejected after not getting any chili-dogs either; not to worry, I gave him a pat (the irish one from the other campervan in view)

Albufeira Zoo: This young lady is either a very talented sand sculptor or she’s there checking out the beach after a sandstorm and is about to be eaten alive


Another view of Albufeira aire, which is a part of an athletics and football stadium. The raised football pitch being behind the ‘almost white’ wall. Very keen folk here as it was in use most daytimes and evenings with 3 or 4 matches being played whilst we were here.


Let a wife out with a camera and this is what you get. A green whatjamacallit with red berry things. that may not be its latin name but it’s all you’re getting!


and this is a red topped green leaved thingammy

A-ha, now I can be of more assistance to you………this is a tree.

Portugal preparing an army of Ronaldo’s. Did I ever mention that Ronaldo is one of my favourite ever strikers? No? Well he is…….along with Ian Wright, Wright, Wright and some others

This is the athletics ground also in the sports complex, those are very ‘beefy’ floodlights that must have cost a fortune and yet the athletics stadium only has one stand to seat maybe 100 people. It’s good to be a part of the EU

I was chastised for not having taken a picture of earlier ‘Chili-Dogs’. IMHO this second batch wasn’t as good as the first batch and neither batch were the ‘blow your mouth up’ version of my own making. Eric and Shazza had these……..come to think of it, I don’t think that I’ve heard from them since that day……better check the hospitals….. Anyway, here’s the picture but you can’t prove anything from a picture, well, OK, two of them look slightly burnt………..


This French motorhome arrived on Monday and with a lot of pitches to choose from, they chose to pitch next to us and facing into us. I still had blog catch-up to do but plans change………we left the next morning.


Albufeira Lidl: Twernt awaits the loading of Twiglets, Twixes and….oh, … Twamatoes

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