Shazza and Eric are going to Berwick, but for now they’re at Praia do Vau

Saturday 4th October 2014



Approaching Portugal – Elvas top left



Aire at Elvas Viaduct



Elvas Viaduct – Twernt on right in car park



Elvas walled town built to defend from Spanish


Another side of the Fortress



Twernt at Elvas Viaduct parking area


Car/van head on collision on IP2 – the van had JUST overtaken us, all involved were OK


Twernt at Silves parking dictated by Snooper satnav


Looking down at the Silves parking area



Sunday 5th October 2014 to Friday 10th October 2014



Twernt at Portimao Marina Aire


Portimao Marina life


Portimao Marina


Portimao Marina


Portimao Marina


Portimao Marina – a sort of Twernt on water


More of Marina life at Portimao


Portimao Marina – we’d settle for this as a straight swop for Twernt


Portimao Marina – this one looked like it was worth nicking


Portimao Marina – the cheaper ‘seats’


Portimao Marina – more ‘cheap seat’ hardware


Portimao Marina – the ‘really cheap seats’ but still no berth for my €4.50 rubber ring


Eric and Shazza of BigMomma with Amanda, Shakey and Tilley at Praia do Vau – kindred spirits indeed. Shazza drinks water whilst planning her next ‘expedition’ as Eric takes on board ‘man-fuel’ to aid the production of incoherent protests.


Praia do Vau branch of the AWE fanclub (Algarve Winter Escapologists) – first they were in a street near you and then, by the magic of AutoTrail (and the cold on the horizon), they’re in the Algarve.


An almost deserted secluded cove on our return walk from seeing Eric & Shazza


A totally deserted and secluded cove on our return walk


Boardwalk and beach at Portimao


Twernt does Lidl, Portimao, dedicated motorhome parking spaces (unlike in the UK)

2 thoughts on “Shazza and Eric are going to Berwick, but for now they’re at Praia do Vau

    • Thank you Andrew, pictures are published up to date now and I’m about to add the text scoping salient events and musings resulting from discoveries of what works/doesn’t work for us. Fulltime RV’ing in America is more accomplished than anything over here and we would go that route if Europe was set up for the American behomoth RV’s but it isn’t. Confession time: we are re-thinking what works for us as we feel that we could get much more out of this than we’re getting, it’s all down to marrying who and what you are to something that best caters for your lifestyle. Early days still so we shall see but we feel we could get more out of this by making some adjustments. It’s always ‘horses for courses’ but the campsite we’re now at could well be worth including for next year – since crossing the tunnel our ‘top 3 ‘ are Biarritz (the place but not the aire, although aire location is great), Val de Vie (the campsite and the people, quiet area though) and this place, Camping Ria Formosa at Canabas de Tavira (the site AND the place).


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