Status update

10 October 2014: UPDATE – The blogs from Durdle Door day 2 (10 September 2014) up to 10th October 2014 are now being added but will appear in date order so you may need to scroll down to get the latest blogs covering this period

The new tech equipment arrived at 16:15 hours on Monday 29 September Sun

Since arriving from the UK – thanks to Martin, Jill and Alex Thumbs up – the following changes have been made:

  1. The ‘Live Map’ has been updated to include our current location in Biarritz in the south west of France.
  2. The ‘Running Costs’ page has been updated to 30 September 2014.
  3. A new page, ‘Sites’ has been added showing a summary and details of our ‘stays’ since we began full-timing.
  4. A new page ‘MPG Analysis’ has been added showing a summary and details of Twernt’s fuel costs since we began full-timing.

All that remains now is to complete the blog entries since day 2 of Durdle Door and this will be completed in the next week or so.

Our Mifi internet has been weak in France and will be somewhere between spasmodic and non-existent once we leave France.

For this reason we have decided to ‘hoof’ it down to Sagres, the western tip of the Algarve and sort out a Portuguese data sim card that will see us through until close to Christmas when we will be at Salobrena in Spain.

We ‘toyed’ with crawling down the eastern coastline of Spain leading up to Christmas but chose Portugal first as we can then resolve Wifi issues in two ‘parcels’ – Portugal until early December and then in Spain for the duration.

We haven’t attempted to tune the TV in since leaving England and don’t miss it but the internet is a must and it’s the hub of our comms ‘systems’ – notwithstanding Amanda needing her fix on Facebook, etc.

That’s all in this brief update, pictures and blogs will follow as soon as we hit the Algarve sometime in the next 7 days.

Oh, almost forgot to say, the weather has been terrific and we’re thoroughly enjoying our trip – more in the blogs Open-mouthed smile

8 thoughts on “Status update

    • Did I ever tell you about the challenges of being retired? All good things come to those who wait, the rest will get my belated blogs! Now using Windows Live Writer to create blogs offline so that should speed the job up for the future. Is it getting cold in Hamilton? Still very warm here and there are ladies on the beach proving that you don’t need to wear a lot, in fact …… nothing. I won’t be visiting here again – I thought it an OK place but your Ma said there’s not much to see here. Au contraire! xxx


  1. Thank goodness your back !!!! You had me worried …..for a tad :0) hope all is well and your moving south , not feeling the “love ” in Germany , far too busy , expensive and grumpy !!!! Over the Alps on Wed , let’s hope Italy is better ??? Safe travels , enjoy the journey its part of the adventure :0) xx


    • I’ve spent all day on blog catch up – one down 6 to go! We had a really good time when met up with Eric and Shazza the other day and then, by chance, they were here at the Albufeira site where we arrived yesterday to avail ourselves of their EHU and internet. Amanda just delivered some of her version of my ‘chilli sausage rolls’ over to Eric and Shazza so I think they’ll be grateful that we have a toilet block on site :0)
      Shame about your Germany experience, I worked there some and loved the country. Italy is food heaven, simple things tasting of perfection – fettucine was one of my favourites. We’re loving this lifestyle and planning for a motorhome-shaped coffin :0) xx


    • Good morning Maggie! Same here on wifi, it’s a bit like one of those pop-up targets used for shooting, it’s there and then it’s not – need a cyber hammer and nails in my toolkit to hold it in place :0)
      Thought I’d read that you’re heading back to the UK soon, but just checked your blog and couldn’t find that reference – the sun is getting to me :0)


  2. Hi ya guys, you just popped up on my radar. I think youve both got balls of steel & I will be following every word. Any chance of some culture in the blog, a bit of history & vibe of where you are & how you percive it?…please?


    • Hi Wayne, Thanks for your comments and your suggestions. You actually sent us into a spin of analysing what it is we are doing with the blog! I will be making some reference to this in the next few blogs as I do need to reduce the time spent on it – want to keep the map and figures going but I write about 10-20 times what gets published and it has been very time consuming; need to cut back else it becomes self-defeating. I didn’t see anything of Albufeira due to blog catching up! I can recommend a really good blog that I think you will like, history and culture, it’ a great blog, we love it and it’s got it all – try
      Cheers, Roy


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