Kafuggered laptop

Due to a completely kafuggered Sony VAIO laptop I am unable to post normal blogs/images – trying to source replacement from the UK and hope to have within the next week or so.

Very briefly, we are in France, all is good in spite of Twernt breakdown, internet hassle, computer fail and mozzies, not to mention precinct textile – predictive text.

I have one mozzie ‘site’ that measures 5″ by 3″ – from ONE bite – Amanda has 19 bites but her DNA copes better than mine.

We will maintain a manual diary and back-post here as soon as tech is sorted.

Big fingers on tiny keyboard now signing off – will try to keep ‘Location Map’ up to date.

12 thoughts on “Kafuggered laptop

  1. Twernt breakdown ????? What’s that all about ?????
    Mozzies are and always will be a nightmare , we have “fly ” screens to all windows and the main door,BUT Ninja Lys still has to spend a good half hour most days getting the last little …….things !!
    Apart from all your ickle teething probs you OK ??
    Steve & Lys


    • Guten tag meine freunde!
      Twernt ‘clicked’ on starting, didn’t start with batt boost (later discovered something wrong when we did that), solenoid good so starter suspected, breakdown arrived after 1 hour or so, turned over and it started! – solar had fed battery; it then failed again (running fridge from battery for 5 minutes before departing) so we traipsed around Dieppe for new battery – 180€!
      All good now.
      We’re both good too, staying away from fresh water in big heat and no wind conditions, we’ll make Portugal with whatever the mozzies leave of us!
      Hope your weather has improved, you’ll soon be in fettucine territory (envious!).


  2. All part of the Adventure matey ;0) we are currently parked in the secure pre-boarding lane at Portsmouth. Just another hour and then disembarkation drinks at the ships bar will be in order :0) Safe and Happy travels !!


    • We’re sat in Twernt on a rainy Sunday morning in Arramanches, you’ve ‘leapfrogged’ us with your boat trip, hope all is going well for you both, raining here now so we need to get a wiggle on.
      We should make the Algarve by end October so may see you for that beer if you’re there and not in Morocco by then. Safe travels both.


  3. Mozzies eh! what good do they do, nowt I hear you say. We always use Deet it isn’t the best smelling stuff but really keeps the blighters away. Hope you get sorted with your lap top, looking forward to your next blog. Hope Twernts breakdown wasn’t to costly. All the best for rest of your travels.


    • We have Nikwax mozzie deterrent and ‘soother’ plus Avon ‘So Soft’, ‘RID’ has been recommended to us, so will add that plus Feet next year! May get a machine gun as well!
      Hardware has been acquired in the UK and should be with us at the end of the week – I don’t function well without my tech stuff! TV we can take or leave but Tim Berners-Lee’s baby is a must!
      Twernt all good now after a 180€ dent in our purse – could do without it but these things happen; will claw it back by ‘wilding’ extra nights to pay for it!


  4. Hi guys,oh my god,im sorry to hear of your woes. Im hoping that your van is not to serious .
    I was looking in my coach this afternoon to look at how to mossy and midge proof the coach windows and may be make some screens.You have to remember that you have to take the rough with the smooth and that these things do happen,eventually you will enjoy the smooth which is what you have to remember when your fretting about the now.
    Hope you both recover from the bites and all the best from us.


    • We’re good thanks Kevin, stuff happens, deal with it and move on!
      On the mozzies front, we’ll get extra armoury next year but the best thing is to stay away from fresh water sources when it’s hot/humid and little wind.
      Should have read the signs better as we were ‘melting’ sitting next to a water ‘basin’. After we were bitten a lady neighbour showed us her mozzie scars from when she was at the same place 2 years ago – once bitten, twice stupid!
      Anyroadup, onwards and southwards as they say – oops, sorry, it’s just us that say that but you and Corrina will be saying it soon!


    • We will do our bery vest dear. 1000 blog hits in a day? From knitting article? I don’t believe it!
      Good luck with your new ‘Full of beans and sausages’ blog, where did that title come from! Xxxxx


    • We have some of that! It would have helped if we’d used it! It took the first round of bites to get us “tee’d up”. The mozzie problem does seem to revolve around lakes/fresh/stagnant water combined with hot weather and not much wind. It was a close call as I was developing cellulitis from 2 of the bites. You’re in big trouble if sepsis follows. All good now though. If you’re heading south around the east coast and we’re heading east and north around the coast from Portugal we may yet get to meet up!


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